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SEX WEEK Brings More Despair and Disease
Tina Marie Griffin on 10/03/2019

All parents need to be aware of Sex Week which happens on many college campuses from coast to coast. The information your kids are getting could create a life-time of regrets.contributing writer ~ Dr. Joe MaloneHave you ever heard of Sex Week? If not, you are probably one of many. Are you the parent

Popular Netflix Series Endorses Cussing, Rebellion, and Seduction
Tina Marie Griffin on 09/15/2019

Are your kids asking to watch Stranger Things on Netflix and you’re not sure if it’s something you want them to see? Check out this quick review to find out what season 3 entails.contributing writer ~ Erin BevinsWhile Stranger Things season three does not push a liberal/openly immoral agenda, it’s q

What to do when you get that dreaded sext request!
Tina Marie Griffin on 09/04/2019

One of my best friend’s teenage daughter told a guy at school that she wasn’t interested in him. He didn’t like her answer. So he threatened her. If she didn’t send him nude photos of herself, he would spread lies that they were having sex. Out of fear of not fulfilling this sext request, she sent t

Breakthrough: Redemption and Faith During Crisis
Tina Marie Griffin on 04/26/2019

Based on the real-life experience of the Smith family in St. Charles County, Missouri, Breakthrough chronicles a month in the life of student, John Smith. His harrowing accident left him lifeless underwater for over 15 minutes and without a pulse for over an hour! But God miraculously brought him ba

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Home-School or Public School Which is Wisdom?
Mona Corwin on 08/16/2019

Home-school or Public-school. Just say those words to a group of moms and you can be sure there will be plenty of discussion and debate.As a mom you make lots of choices for your kids. And where they will go to school is one of the biggest. There are lots of points that make sense on both sides of t

Our Wedding Was a Disaster!
Mona Corwin on 08/09/2019

How was your wedding day? Dreaming? Or a Disappointing? Every girl dreams of the day she gets to wear the pretty dress and kiss the man of those dreams.And then the day comes. Did yours live up to your dreams?Mine didn’t. Our wedding day was awful. Everything from bad photographer, dead flowers, fam

3 Steps To Crush Motherhood Instead of Motherhood Crushing You
Mona Corwin on 07/25/2019

3 Steps To Crush Motherhood Instead of Motherhood Crushing YouAs I coach moms there is one line that keeps showing up in everyones story.It is this- Moms want to succeed in their families. Nobody wants to mess up their kids, and nobody wants their marriage to fail. And nobody wants to lose themselve

Getting to the Heart of Discipling Kids
Mona Corwin on 06/13/2019

Getting to the Heart of Discipling KidsDo you ever think to yourself “Why do my kids act so bad?Do you ever wish they would just stop acting up and really don’t care why?In parenting we can have the tendency to just want bad behavior to just stop! While that will give you some headway, the heart of

UnQualified Mom

Qualifying: Video Interview with Lisa Pulliam
Angelene Woodard on 09/13/2019

Today's interview is with Lisa Pulliam. Lisa is the first to admit she's unqualified to do the things God has called her to do. Let me tell you . . . she's been called to do ALOT! Lisa is a wife and mother of four teens. She is also an author, speaker, pod cast host, and certified life coach. Siste

Mama, You're Not Supposed to Get it Right All the Time
Angelene Woodard on 06/12/2019

Post published by forthefamily.org. “I’m coming! I will be right there.” Her whimpering had gradually escalated into full blown cries. By the time I went back to the bedroom to finally see what all the commotion was about, our too-young-to-roll-over-by-herself baby girl was balancing face first off

When Parenting and Productivity Take Priority Over Jesus
Angelene Woodard on 05/22/2019

Post published by forthefamily.org. I have gone off course in my efforts to be a great Christian parent. This weird thing just kinda happened somehow. I gradually lost sight of the priority to keep Jesus first while I was so stinkin' busy keeping Jesus first. Here's a little excerpt from my most rec

It's a Good Thing When God Stresses Us Out
Angelene Woodard on 09/13/2019

As a responsible mom, I am intentionally creating a little stress in my son's life. Conquering stressful situations takes practice and I'm setting him up for success. This is a necessary part of growth, development, and maturity. Thank goodness he has me! The same principle applies between our Heave

Chivalry Movement

The Challenge to Pursue Excellence
Heather Haupt on 12/14/2018

An interesting conversation played out in our home this week… We were talking about the importance of drive in getting things done and getting things done well when I threw out this question.“What do George Washington and Hitler have in common?”They gave me mortifying looks. “Drive, brillianc

Cultivating BIG-Hearted Living – Generosity Challenge
Heather Haupt on 12/10/2018

This post may contain affiliate links.Boys want to BE big and strong. They want to do BIG things. When we tap in to this when challenging them to be generous truly big things happen.I’ll never forget the Christmas season when I did my Love, Serve, Give challenge with my boys and challenged them to g

Helping Kids Persevere!
Heather Haupt on 11/15/2018

“Perseverance is steadfastness in a course of action despite difficulty, setbacks, or delays in achieving success. It is an attitude, a mind-set that does not quit but is determined, disciplined, and creative in working toward solutions.”That’s how I defined PERSEVERANCE in Knights in Training. Our

Knight or Knave? The Challenge to Pursue Honesty
Heather Haupt on 09/21/2018

Knight or Knave?Full of integrity or not to be trusted?That is the challenge to issue to your boys that I lay out in Knights in Training and it is what we are going to focus on now. How you conduct yourself forms your identity. What you practice determines how you play.Giving our kids a mental pictu

The Busy Mom

30 Years
Heidi St. John on 09/30/2019

10,957.Today, that’s how many days we’ve been married. That’s almost 11,000 days of choosing faithfulness to a vow we made in front of God, our family and friends. Thirty years have passed in the space of ten, I think. How does it go so fast?I was nineteen and he was twenty-one when we said “I do,”

Abundant Motherhood
Heidi St. John on 05/02/2019

Kara Moss recently joined me on the podcast, and I’m excited to have her sharing more of her heart today on the blog today! I want to encourage you, Mom—share your challenges with Him, day and night, and let Him be your shelter.xo, HeidiMomlife. It’s the good life, the hard life, the fun life, the c

No More Moanful Motherhood
Heidi St. John on 03/26/2019

My friend Jamie Erickson joined me on the podcast last week. Today, she’s sharing her heart on a topic may of us moms can relate to. I want to encourage you mom, hard times come – but they’re not here to torture us; they’re here to teach us. We either learn from them or we don’t. I hope you’re enco

Even When Our Plans Fail, God’s Never Will
Heidi St. John on 03/14/2019

Have you ever noticed how many of the psalms were written during times of difficulty? Though a mighty army surrounds me,my heart will not be afraid.Even if I am attacked,I will remain confidentPsalm 27:3This I declare about the Lord:He alone is my refuge, my place of safety;He is my God, and I trust

Health Nut News

People: Selma Blair ‘Was Warned’ Before Undergoing Chemotherapy: You ‘Make Your Plans for Death’
Erin Elizabeth on 10/18/2019

Nearly a year after Selma Blair learned she had multiple sclerosis, she found herself “out of options” to relieve the intense pain and physical difficulties she had because of her condition.The actress and advocate said that her treatments had been largely unsuccessful at that point. During a panel

Canadian Company Develops Eco Leather Made From Apple Peels
Erin Elizabeth on 10/17/2019

Being vegan doesn’t always mean being a responsible advocate for the planet. For example, some “ethical” eaters rely on food shipped from other countries (such as bananas, papaya, and mango) to subsist. Others regularly buy plastic-based attire (such as vegan “leather”) to avoid the real deal. Fortu

ABC: Mom Upset After 6-Year-Old Son Gets Flu Shot Without Her Consent
Erin Elizabeth on 10/17/2019

A Brunswick County, NC mother is enraged at her son’s school. She says her son was given a flu shot without her permission.Kayla Amerson’s six-year-old son Braxton attends Supply Elementary School. She says the county health department went to the school to give flu shots to the students. A form was

CBS: Hundreds of Birds Killed and Injured After Crashing into NASCAR Hall of Fame Building
Erin Elizabeth on 10/17/2019

Hundreds of migratory birds crashed into the NASCAR Hall of Fame building in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday night. A nonprofit helping the survivors said a total of 310 birds hit the building’s windows.According to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, a wildlife rescue organization based in Charlotte, a

NBC: Feds Take Down the World’s ‘Largest Dark Web Child Porn Marketplace’
Erin Elizabeth on 10/17/2019

Federal prosecutors have filed multiple charges against a 23-year-old South Korean man accused of running what they call the world’s “largest dark web child porn marketplace.”The now-shuttered English-language site, called “Welcome to Video,” contained more than 200,000 unique videos or almost 8 ter

Raising Clovers

SJP #077: Kristi Clover: Where It All Began: The Very First Master Organizer of Mayhem Workshop
Kristi Clover on 08/29/2019

I know that you're going to love this special “M.O.M = Master Organizer of Mayhem” episode of the podcast with Kristi. We are going to go way back in time! Get ready to be encouraged!In this episode of the Simply Joyful Podcast, you are getting a fun bonus in celebration of the release of my book M.

12 Tips To Help You Organize Your Refrigerator
Kristi Clover on 08/16/2019

“Organize Your Refrigerator”….UGH! Does that phrase run a cold chill down your spine? Who wants to do that? Sometimes it's just so much easier to push things to the back of the fridge and shut the door. But we are going to conquer that! Today I wanted to share a little bit about how I organize my re

Garage Organization and Decluttering: Kristi’s Strategies and Steps
Kristi Clover on 08/08/2019

Garage Organization. Yup, the dreaded words that can strike terror into the most diehard organizer. 😀 But, it is time. It's gonna be exciting, and it'll be a lot of work. But, I thought, why not take you guys on the journey with me?Snowball Effect That Thwarts Garage OrganizationIn our house, one of

How to Categorize to Organize: Kristi’s Big Laundry Room Declutter
Kristi Clover on 07/31/2019

Today I'm going to walk you through how I finished up organizing our laundry room and point out a couple of little tips that I have for anyone else trying to get organized. These tips applied to any area in your house.Not just a one day project!A few weekends ago, I took the time to finish an organi