Call of the Wild - Adventure Story About Courage and Perseverance
CCM team on 02/21/2020

Family friendly film, The Call of the Wild hits theaters this week and could make a fun family adventure. Looking for a great flick to catch with your family this weekend? The Call of the Wild hits theaters TONIGHT and promises not only a visually stunning action-adventure film, but also a story that teaches courage, persevereance, and resilience.

Libraries Launching Lies with Startling Kids Books on Gender
CCM team on 02/21/2020

Libraries are giving in to the gender confusion agenda by putting confusing books in with kid's books, without warning. Public libraries are in on it now too? Warning, gender confusion is being promoted to your kids without warning!

Marriage Under Attack Again as Polyamory Celebrated on HGTV
CCM team on 02/20/2020

Marriage is under attack again with the endorsement and celebration of the deception that is polyamory. As if concerns about homosexuality, gender identity, and ungodly relationships were not enough, now polyamory is hitting pop culture.

Call School Administrator Who Harassed a Pro Life Student
CCM Team on 02/18/2020

Created Equal team members were harassed by by a high school administrator in Columbus, OH. infringing on the free speech rights of pro-life advocates. Created Equal is an organization dedicated to defending the rights of the unborn and educating people about abortion. Last month, while lawfully engaging in campus outreach at Briggs High School in Columbus, Ohio, the Created Equal team was harassed by a school administrator John Kuijper.

WARNING: "Skull Breaker" Challenge on TikTok and Social Media is DANGEROUS
CCM Team on 02/14/2020

Dangerous social media challenge called skull breaker results in serious injuries! There's a DANGEROUS social media challenge instigated by TikTok videos and social media that can result in serious injury!

Lego Masters Show - Powerful Inspiration for Creativity Corrupted by Homosexuality
CCM Team on 02/12/2020

LEGO Masters on FOX could spark some creativity in young builders, but also promotes LGBT lifestyle. Get ready!

Birds of Prey Movie Lies About What Makes a Strong Woman
CCM Team on 02/07/2020

Birds of Prey glamorizes the sexualization and bad behavior of women, therefore, not a source of positive role models. Birds of Prey releases in theaters this weekend and with an R rating, it does not pretend to be family-friendly nor does it try to say it's promoting family values. It's a comic book movie with over-the-top violence and craziness.

"Will You Be My Neighbor?" Releases Today
CCM Team on 02/05/2020

"A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" comes out for home viewing this month. The film tells the story of a man of faith who not only taught kids kindness on television, but impacted the people around him. "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," the story of the friendship that developed between Mr. Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod, comes out for home viewing today, February 4, on iTunes and Amazon with the DVD and Blu-ray release expected February 18.

How to Talk to Kids about Porn
CCM Team on 02/03/2020

Porn is everywhere and this book Good Pictures Bad Pictures, helps parents talk with their children about this hard subject and how to steer clear of it. Porn is everywhere and no matter how much we try to keep our children from seeing it, they will more than likely see it.

What to Watch Out for During the Super Bowl
T. Griffin on 02/03/2020

Drag Queen warning for Super Bowl commercial. Abortion survivor ad denied. As if the wardrobe "malfunction" 16 years ago wasn't bad we have to buckle down and prepare for a DRAG QUEEN commercial. Seriously? Fox approved a Sabra hummus commercial that will include two drag queen stars named Kim Chi and Miz Cracker that were on RuPaul's Drag Race. These two peeps you can add to your prayer list - we are at the Griffin home!