From the Counter Culture Mom

My mission is to raise awareness about the effects of harmful behaviors being promoted in today pop culture and social media on our children. Working in Hollywood for over a decade has made me realize the entertainment choices for our kids are critical in shaping what they believe and how they act. My focus is to help parents navigate safely through today's pop culture mess in order to raise Godly Counter Culture kids.

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On this app, you will find all sorts of useful information to help keep you educated, up-to-date and proactive in keeping your family safe when it comes to pop culture and media.

Here are a few of the areas you may want to check out first.

  • The Hollywood Insider Show - Tina interviews experts across many different areas of expertise to bring you great, helpful information on how to safely navigate today's pop culture.
  • Alerts - This section describes current pop culture threats to your family and what you can do to steer clear. Positive options and parent/child talking points are also given.
  • Resources - Need information on where to go to get movie reviews? Is your teen struggling with suicide or cutting? There are many helpful websites covering dozens of topics listed in this section.
  • Inform us - Did you see something graphic on YouTube or hear a song with some raunchy lyrics that you want to warn other moms and dads about? Take a photo, shoot a video or text us what you've discovered and we will do further research.

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Tina Griffin