Tina Griffin on 07/09/2019

Miley Cyrus New Mother’s Daughter video full of Porn and Feminism!

I’ve been in Israel for the past eight days, but I could not wait to blast out this alert until I got back in the states. The graphic pornography Miley Cyrus has recently encouraged millions of her fans to engage in in her recent music video release on July 2 of Mother’s Daughter, is so alarming!

Tina Griffin on 06/28/2019

Short but SAD Lesbian Scene in Toy Story 4!

OK...so I haven't seen the movie, but I don't want to wait to get this info out there. It seems like the entire country is pushing the LGBT agenda. And no matter how hard they push, I will not bend on the word of God. Period.

Tina Griffin on 04/29/2019

Kingdom Men Rising movie in Theaters next 2 days ONLY!

In this day and age that we are living in, it's hard for men to be emotionally present. Churches don't help equip men on how to be Godly husbands and fathers and many of today's TV shows and movies depict men as idiots. I can't imagine the pressure put on men today in regards to constantly having to worry about providing for their families and living counter to the current attack on masculinity.

Tina Griffin on 04/20/2019

The Pilgrim's Progress ONLY IN THEATERS TODAY!

For the sake of time...I literally copied and pasted the info below from an email I received from the American Family Association regarding the movie The Pilgrim's Progress which is ONLY IN THEATERS TODAY!

Tina Griffin on 04/15/2019

Phenomenal Flick Breakthrough comes to theaters this Wednesday, April 17.

I left the private screening of Breakthrough 2 weeks ago with a makeup-stained face and my faith in Christ in shambles. Even though I'm a woman, I hardly cry at the theater. This movie had men and women on a ride of their lives. I was completely wrecked. Do I have faith in God like Joyce Smith has faith in God?

Tina Griffin on 03/25/2019

Should you take your kids to see Dumbo this weekend?

I'm always hesitant to give my two thumbs up on a movie I have not seen. When I saw Dumbo as a kid, it was harmless. But as you know, Hollywood is corrupting anything that used to be clean and fun for children these days. However, I wanted to give you my thoughts on this Disney movie coming out Friday in theaters nationwide. After reading up on this movie, I am going to refrain from holding my thumbs up nor down on this film. Read up on the only major review I could find on this flick from Common Sense media here.

Tina Griffin on 02/26/2019

Suicide promoted in YouTube Kids cartoons!

I had to do a double take when hearing about this recent alert regarding suicide and cutting videos popping up in the middle of YouTube Kids cartoons. This is not a joke! A mom freaked out when she peered over her son's shoulder to see a man telling kids, "Remember kids, sideways for attention, long ways for results." As he's telling kids how to slit their wrists and arms, he is demonstrating exactly where to slice. Here's the video to see for yourself (it is the top video on this page).

Tina Griffin on 01/28/2019

PORN SCENE in first 30 seconds of new teen Netflix show - Sex Education

I am at a loss for words! HOW A SHOW LIKE THIS IS AVAILABLE TO ANYONE IS BEYOND ME! In the first 30 SECONDS of a new Netflix show called Sex Education, two teens are having sex. Nothing is left to the imagination even though I'm completely against seeing any sex in any program at any time. These kids are competely naked with the girl's chest taking up half of the TV screen. I am completely appalled!

Tina Griffin on 01/17/2019

DC Comics "Second Coming" Comic Book Series Blasphemes God

I've never been into the whole comic book series. However, millions of kids digest this info daily. Therefore, I need to be familiar with what they are absorbing. As if TV shows, movies, magazines, apps and video games aren't enough to monitor when it comes to harmful content bombarding our kids, we must add comic books to the list.

Tina Griffin on 01/12/2019

Parents Magazine Pushes Same Sex Families in Feb Issue!

Before I even get started with this alert, I want to let everyone know I don't hate ANYONE! I want ALL people to come to the life-saving knowledge of Christ. I'm sure these dads are nice, loving, caring people as indiviuals. However, I base truth off of the Word of God so that no people are lost and separated from a relationship with Christ. That said. This Parents Magazine raises a huge red flag for me. Instead of rephrasing what a parent just emailed me this week, I will share with you her exact words:

Tina Griffin on 12/15/2018

THE STAR on Netflix is Worth the Watch!

IF you still have Netflix after I've blasted out a dozen shows to steer clear from on this media platform - this year alone - one great show I can actually recommend is The Star. This movie is the retelling of the nativity story through the eyes of a donkey. I had to do a double take that this was actually being provided by Netflix. The story followed the truth from Scripture and my two younger girls loved every minute of it.

Tina Griffin on 12/06/2018

Popular TIK TOK App Very Dangerous for Kids

The Tik Tok app is currently one of the most downloaded apps out there right now and it's users are primarily kids as young as 3rd grade! Most parents haven't even heard of this app BTW. Many kids are being bombarded by ads on social media and YouTube to downlaod and check out the Tik Tok app.

Tina Griffin on 11/18/2018

Orgy Scene in Popular Teen TV Show Sabrina!

Satan is working overtime, that's for sure. I think I've seen it all and then I realize it CAN get worse. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a new TV show that millions of teens are watching on Netflix. On a recent episode underage teens are participating in a group orgy asking Sabrina to join in on the "fun." Fun? Besides witchcraft being promoted throughout every episode of this new Sabrina spin off of the comdey geared show of the 90's, we now have teen orgys being promoted as fun!

Tina Griffin on 10/20/2018

New Facebook Game Encourages Kids to Masturbate! SICK!

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS ALLOWED AND AVAILABLE FOR KIDS! Livid! Big Mouth, one of the most vile animated shows on Netflix (which is viewed by millions of kids/teens) is partnering with Facebook for a brand new game called, Hand Masters: Play with yourself. You think the title is horrific! Wait until you see the demo video here! Kids are encouraged to masturbate and told how to satisfy themselves in detail. They compete with other kids and see how they rank according to how they did at doing the deed. VILE!

Tina Griffin on 10/11/2018

Go See "Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer" in theaters TOMORROW!

If there's ever been a movie you needed to see on OPENING NIGHT it's tomorrow, Friday, October 12th to watch "Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer." Every American needs to see the truth behind what happens at an abortion facility. Bill Martinez and I discussed this movie on his radio show Bill Martinez Live! this morning. He recently saw this movie and said it would be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to watch this film and not leave the theater with tears streaming down their face.

Tina Griffin on 09/26/2018

Big Mouth Season 2 airs on Oct 5th. "Cartoon" is full of porn, sex, and blow jobs.

This TV show is so raunchy, I contemplated even doing an alert on it. Some stories make me want to cry. Cry for our children and the corrupt content going into their minds. Content that is destroying the value of sex within marriage. I have been praying that this show would be stripped off Netflix since Season 1 came out last September, so the news of Season 2 coming out this October is very troubling to me.

Tina Griffin on 09/17/2018

Don't waste your $ on Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 11/9 movie!

This alert will be a short one. I'm more than frustrated that filmmkers like Michael Moore make a movie like Fahrenheit 11/9 bashing our president and spreading lies and it's publicized all over the place. This movie, if watched by millions, will fuel more anger and hatred towards President Trump, causing more and more voters to believe a lie and not support a man God clearly placed in office. He stands for life, Israel, our American freedoms, and a solid growing economy. There's actually hope our country might survive with having him in office.

Tina Griffin on 09/05/2018

Starter WITCH KITS coming out on Sephora store shelves!

Yes people. You've read the title correclty. The popular French-founded chain of personal care and beauty stores called Sephora will start carrying a "starter witch kit" on Oct 9 created by a company called Pinrose! Tarot cards, sage, and a rose quartz crystal will be included in this 9 piece set.

Tina Griffin on 08/16/2018

New internet game - Momo challenge - linked to suicide!

new internet challenge linked to suicide As if the Blue Whale Challenge, which took over 130 lives to date, wasn't bad enough for our kids to stumble upon...we now have an even more sinister internet challenge that just surfaced and is gaining major popularity. The Momo challenge includes this freaky looking woman above who sends out text messages and calls her victims mostly through an app called Whatsapp. The "woman" sends out nasty, mean messages to the point where she convinces kids to harm themselves. A 12-year-old girl already took her own life who was in communication with Momo.

Tina Griffin on 08/15/2018

New "muppet" movie is full of graphic sex, drugs, and overdoses

I'll cut right to the chase. This movie is complete TRASH. For over 10 years no film production company would touch it. I saw the trailer for this movie back in May and was appalled. Millions of viewers saw the trailer on YouTube, which is very inappropriate for anyone to see, let alone kids. Last weekend a teen sent me a warning text saying she just saw another version of the trailer on Snapchat and it was more graphic than the one I saw! And Snapchat is primarily used by young kids/teens!

Tina Griffin on 08/08/2018

Steer clear of Nicki Minaj's new porn-filled album called Queen

I don't need to say too much about this one... Let me just say I had to majorly cut the album cover in HALF and then doctor up the top half of the image so you're not exposed to any PORN! This woman continusoulsy forgets to make a pit stop in her wardrobe. Her naked album cover gives a you a good idea as to the lyrics promoted throughout this disasterous album.

Tina Griffin on 07/10/2018

7-year-old's avatar sexually assaulted on Roblox!

Mom, Amber Peterson, noticed her daughter's avatar was being sexaully assualted through a game on Roblox and took screen shots to warn other parents about what can happen while using this gaming device.