OVERCOMER great movie for teens! Releases TODAY!

Written on 08/23/2019
CCM Team

I just saw the trailer ONCE, and I was tearing up. It's so rare that there are life-changing movies playing in theaters across the country. So when I view positive, uplifting flicks, it's like getting a breath of fresh air.

Overcomer is being released today country wide. The Kendrick brothers team up as director Alex and producer Stephen tell a story of hope and inspiration when a young girl Hannah Scott is the only girl to show up for the cross country try outs and she's never been a runner and on top of that - has asthma.


The basketball coach reluctantly agrees to coach her even though he hates running, but with hundreds of families moving away due to a huge manufacturing plant closing down, he has no other choice. You know you're in for an in-depth, thought provoking movie, if the creators pumped out other productions like Courageous and War Room.

This movie has an ensemble cast featuring Priscilla Shirer (WAR ROOM, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE), Shari Rigby (OCTOBER BABY, WILDFLOWER), Cameron Arnett (MEET THE BROWNS, STAND YOUR GROUND) and newcomer Aryn Wright-Thompson.

In today's world, there is so much negativity around us. The news, pop culture, people...however, this flick will give you a new perspective on what really matters in life and to never give up no matter what you are facing. The whole theme of the movie is finding your identity in Christ not the other deceptive influencers around us which are constantly changing. 

This is a GREAT movie to see with your teens, because they are trying to find out who they are and whos they are.  After seeing this movie, life-changing conversations will help your kids understand that they were created by Christ for HIS purpose!

I can't wait to take my kids to see this movie! Also, if you watch this flick on opening weekend, it helps theaters see that a movie is in demand and they consider showing it for a longer period of time. 

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