Frozen 2 Safe for Kids!

Written on 11/19/2019
T. Griffin

Elsa is not a lesbian.

Frozen fans can relax and enjoy the next installment of Elsa and Anna’s adventures. The action, visuals, and music will be as dazzling as the first hit. The story is a bit different from Frozen 1 because there is no villain in the movie. The plot centers on “long-ago wrongdoings” that Elsa and Anna have to correct resulting in a happy ending, but the action centers on how the sisters navigate their relationship with each other and their differences in approaching problems. 

Here's a quick clip to get a sneak peak.

IndieWire offers a complete run-down of the story, including where the lesbian rumors originated, but here’s a short blurb from their review.

”Much that’s been guessed about the super-secret plot of “Frozen 2” has turned out to be incorrect: there is no autumnal version of Elsa, no overt same-sex romance, no secretly alive parents. That’s for the best, because the surprises that “Frozen 2” unfurls are emotional, mature, and often quite dark for a kids’ film (tip: the youngest “Frozen” fans might need some warm hugs to get through a fraught final act).”

Now if we find out otherwise and the sources we gathered this info from have lied about this movie being family friendly, we will update this alert! Other Disney movies have done this in the past.

Early reviews reveal that themes in the film include exploration of sister relationships and the concept of change while growing up which makes great conversation starters at the dinner table.  


Talk with your kids, especially groups of siblings, about what they find familiar about Elsa and Anna's relationship.

Ask your kids these top 10 ?s from Movie Guide regarding how magic is portrayed in this movie, who is God in the movie, etc. 

While you're talking with your kids about themes in the movie, don't leave out the film's use of magic. Ensure kids can tell the difference between fantasy and reality and what the Bible says about magic. In a nutshell, magic is not real and pursuing it goes against God.

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