Munchkin: Family-Friendly Fun on Your Table and Console

Written on 11/22/2019
Trudi Griffin

Are you looking for some zany, cooperative, family-friendly fun for all ages that blends video gaming with gaming-for-real?

Allow me to introduce you to the world of Munchkin

A family favorite in Trudi Griffin's house, our favorite tabletop versions include The Good, The Bad and The Munchkin, Star Munchkin, and Munchkin Fu. From kids to grandparents, everyone gets a laugh kickin' down the door and lookin' for loot. The great thing about Munchkin games is they are deceptively simple where players can play individually or as teams with loads of opportunities for cooperative and subversive play. Want creative rules? The game's site has tons of them, but you can also make up your own. Have a favorite theme? There’s likely a version of Munchkin to tickle your fancy and inspire, including Munchkin Shakespeare! (oh yes, it’s true)

It’s easy to learn and no matter which way you play it, expect a roaring good time that can take as little as 30 minutes or last all night.

Here's the game trailer.

For the video-game inclined, Munchkin Quacked Quest is available on Xbox November 19 and then on PS4 and Nintendo soon after. Rated E for everyone, this video game is based on the tabletop card game of the same name. (for more info on the video game rating system, click here) The video game takes the card game to the next level with an emphasis on cooperative play. This game is great for kids and adults to team up and go for the duck.

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