WARNING: Stay Away from Suicide Video 1444 Trending on YouTube and TikTok

Written on 12/11/2019
T. Griffin


With a culture of death spreading from coast to coast in our country, this video only adds gas to the suicidal flame. One of our Counter Culture Teens in Michigan notified us of this very graphic suicide video circulating on YouTube and the internet. 

"It is a video of a boy shooting himself with a shotgun to the head and his brain and blood go everywhere. DON'T watch it, it is really gross!"

A quick bit of research reveals that the video is authentic and shows the suicide death of an 18-year-old Russian university student that took place on October 17, 2019. states, "On October 17th, 2019, Russian VK user Gleb Korablyov launched a live broadcast on the platform. During the broadcast, Korablyov took a Saiga semi-automatic rifle, pointed it to his head, warned a person to wait before notifying his parents of his suicide and shot himself in the head. Before killing himself, Korablyov made a reference to a Russian suicide-related meme 'Nya, poka!' ("Nyan, bye!")"

According to an article on, the original video started circulating on social media and TikTok earlier this fall and resurfaced on YouTube yesterday! While YouTube and Google should take it down, it's up and visible for all to see. Warn your kids to steer clear!

The images are graphic, gruesome, and very disturbing.

Additionally, the name of the video is supposedly tied to an occult curse likely to promote the sharing of the video. 


  • The spirit of death and its glorification is sickening in this country, do NOT give the enemy power by watching this video. 
  • Curses are not real and are used as a tool of the enemy. 


  • Warn everyone you know NOT to watch this video. 
  • Suicide is not the answer.  Reach out to kids at risk and engage them in a relationship, let them know they are valued and loved. 
  • Celebrate life.
  • Talk to your kids about the dangers of watching graphic violence. 
  • Biblical helpline for youth in crisis 1-800-HIT-HOME
  • For mental health help from a faith-based provider, look for a therapist at the National Association of Christian Counselors or the Association of Christian Counselors

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