Jesus is NOT gay as Satan promotes on Netflix

Written on 12/20/2019
T. Griffin

The enemy attacks with his most-used and effective weapon, LIES, by making Jesus gay in a disgusting movie available on Netflix. Words cannot describe how offensive this is to God and Christians all over the world. Netflix would never allow something like this to air about Allah.

Over 2 million people have protested and continue to petition Netflix to remove the offensive religious satire "The First Temptation of Christ" by Brazillian company "Porta does Fundos" (which translates as "Back Door").  

Released December 3 and promoted as a "Christmas movie" this flick contains extensive examples of irreverence, disrespect, and blasphemy with Jesus, Mary, andJoseph as targetted characters.  The predominantly Catholic country of Brazil, where the movie originated, has led the protests with the country's president publicly speaking out against this horrible depiction of our Lord and Savior. 

Religious satire is nothing new, but enough is enough. And more often than not, the religous satire is targeted at Christians. At some point satire crosses the line to blatant disrespect and outright attack. In an age where LGBTQ activists protest so loudly that Christian companies compromise their principles, this farce promoted as a Christmas movie has this writer ready to explode.  It is time for the Truth to be louder than the lies. 

Thank you to Counter Culture Mom Facebook friends for bringing this to our attention. If you see something that people need to know about, INFORM US.

People are cancelling Netflix left and right! Check it out!


  • The enemy prowls like a lion, and spreads lies through the media disguised as harmless humor. 
  • Movies like this dishonor God and glorify ungodly lifestyles. 


  • Sign the petition addressed to Netflix 
  • Share the Truth about Jesus and invite people to watch The Chosen series instead. 
  • Cancel Netflix. There are more positive alternatives available, like Pureflix and Crossflix, and the more we support them, the more content they can make that's good for our families. 
  • Did I mention sharing the Truth? People need to know the true character of Jesus, so write it, preach it, speak it, live it! The brighter the Truth shines, the more people will be set free. 
  • Pray for the people who make and distribute material that dishonors God. Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill them with conviction and that they would find the Truth in Jesus. 

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