Netflix is Clueless About Who the Messiah Really IS

Written on 01/10/2020
T. Griffin

Netflix's "Messiah" was released January 1, 2020, and I was not impressed with the series at all. It does not promote Christianity in ANY way.  No surpise there seeing Netflix has been releasing countless series that promote Satanism and demonic activity. It raises questions about belief and following, but mostly shows a herd mentality with no discernment. It also contains foul language, war-based violence, and sex earning its MA (mature audiences) rating. Glad the rating board was alive and awake when they rated this series at least!

I was hoping for a thought-provoking show and while it raised questions about how people would react if someone like Jesus appeared today given the state of our culture, there was ZERO representation of positive Christianity. If you want to teach your teens about deception, this would be a great show to use as an example. LOL!

The purpose of the show was noted by the series writer in a CBN News article

"Messiah will have every viewer asking the question 'Is he or isn't he?' How you answer that question may reveal more about you than it does about the show. Messiah challenges us to examine what we believe and why," Petroni told THR.

I had high hopes for the series because It is written by Michael Petroni who wrote the ABC television series "Miracles," and produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, a Christian couple who made the award-winning "The Bible" television series.

Downey and Burnett were quoted saying, 

“Messiah is a series that will have the audience asking big questions. What if someone showed up in 2018 amid strange occurrences and was thought to be the Messiah? What would society do? How would the media cover him? Would millions simply quit work? Could government’s collapse?” said Downey and Burnett. “It’s a series that could change everything.”

COUNTER CULTURE MOM's consideration

Horrible way to start the New Year Netflix. Two thumbs down... I believe their customers will disappear in this next decade. More and more parents are wanting quality shows for their kids and they are waking up to the negative messages vyying for their children's attention. We're smarter than you think Netflix!

View the official trailer here:


  • No positive representation of Christianity, prayer, who Jesus really is, or using Scripture to discern Truth from deception. 

  • Read the full review here


  • This is not a show for children, but mature teenagers might benefit from the challenging questions posed by it. 

  • Screen the show first. If you watch it with your teens. Talk about it. Pray through it. How would you as a family respond to a situation like this if it happened in real life? How will you teach your children to stand firm in their faith amidst a herd mentality?

  •  Read the Bible. Teach your teens how to go to God's Word for answers to these questions. 

  • As always, for true family-friendly, positive entertainment, choose Pureflix

I watched the full series and my full review can be found here