The Encounter Season 2 Airs Tonight! Don't Miss It!

Written on 01/22/2020
T. Griffin

An encounter with Jesus is not something people ever forget. Gather your family and friends, sign up for Pureflix , and watch The Encounter Season 2 that airs on January 22. They also have Season 1 available for binge-watching.

In this series, people from all walks of life face challenges that are so familiar to us. However, the characters in the show have a real-life, in-person encounter with "The Man" who helps them navigate those challenges. 

The thing I love about this show is that it does not promote any specific religion, rather it focuses on JESUS!!! Too many people misunderstand who Jesus is and this show portrays Him as He is and how He loves us! ALL of us! 

Counter Culture Mom chimes in...

I watched the entire Season 1 with my husband Luke in 3 nights and I never binge watching ANYTHING let alone watch TV! This series was phenomenal and a tear-jerker...for both of us. LOL. The opposite response to every challenging situation was portrayed from how people normally handle tough siutations.

For one of the episodes in Season 1 a guy tries to rob a gas station. Instead of innocent people murdered or the guy committing suicide (like we usually see in media), God shows up and has a long conversation with the stressed, anxiety-ridden robber. God challenges the guy to make wise choices and that his future is not based on his past. I still remember this episode and it's been 2 years since I've seen it! Great program to watch with your teens and discuss these various scenarios afterwards.

Now that Season 2 is airing today, I'll have to carve out some date-night time with the "other man" in my life - Luke!


  • Sign up for Pureflix.

  • Watch The Encounter Season 2 trailer below and share it!

  • If you have friends who don't know Jesus, invite them over for a watching party.
  • Create DEMAND! The more we watch and support Christian and God-affirming content, the more companies will create it.

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