December Donor Drive Allowed Us to Pull Trigger on New App!

Written on 01/22/2020
Tina Griffin

Hello Counter Culture Posse!

Over the last year of having our first Counter Culture Mom app we saw the need to take this app up a notch! Parents gave input on what they loved and what information they would like to have us expand on. I also wanted to make it even more user-friendly and snazzy. Specific additions will be annouced soon...Our current app company is located in that also posed a problem. I wanted things fixed immediately (go figure) but major time zone distance made this a challenge.

Due to the funding that came in from our partners - THANK YOU! - we were able to hire a new company to start the design work on our next version of the Counter Culture Mom app. I am SO STOKED to say the least. The ideas in my head for almost 12 years are coming to fruition. The video above gives a quick glimpse at what we are working on. Our target is to have the new app up by the end of February.

If you would like to join our donor team (even for as little as $5 month), you can give your tax-deductible donation here. Becoming a monthly donor allows us more stability. Thank you for being a huge part of our team. You help us, help you! 

~ Counter Culture Mom, Tina Griffin