Lego Masters Show - Powerful Inspiration for Creativity Corrupted by Homosexuality

Written on 02/12/2020
CCM Team

Get ready! 

LEGO Masters, premiered last week on Fox and airs again tomorrow night!

The show is a building contest where adults build with LEGOS and compete for the title of LEGO MASTER.

Based on the previews, the creations are amazing and may serve as inspiration for young builders.

But is it family-friendly? Thank you to the Counter Culture Mom posse member who reported that there is a male gay couple as contestants and another couple with a man who wears flowers in his hair.  Thus, the characters chosen for contestants do not share Christian values and it sounds like they need some Jesus. While  this may be some great fodder for character guidance discussions, how these characters interact with each other may not be something you want your children to see. Which is a terrible shame because it looks to be an interesting show. 

Check out the trailer below: 


  • If you watch the show, talk with your kids about how it inspires ideas for creativity. 
  • Talk about how the contestants react to stress. Do they work as a team? Do they support each other or cut each other down? What kind of teamwork would your kids use? 
  • Host a mini LEGO Masters competition in your home or community. How fun would that be?
  • Have your kids pick an activity they would like to try. 


INFORM US of any positive or negative pop culture that we need to be aware of. We will make sure that all families in our network get the info! If we missed something in this write up, let us know and we will update this review. Thanks!

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