Birds of Prey Movie Lies About What Makes a Strong Woman

Written on 02/07/2020
CCM Team


Birds of Prey releases in theaters this weekend and with an R rating, it does not pretend to be family-friendly nor does it try to say it's promoting family values. It's a comic book movie with over-the-top violence and craziness. 

The movie protrays DC Comics characters theatrically and the film representation is accurate.  It's full of violence, language, materialism, bad behavior, sexual innuendos, the whole nine yards, just as these characters show up in the comics.  Common Sense Media cites the small redeeming qualities it has, being that it shows friendship and women working togther.  Not enough good stuff to make this film watch-worthy.

I imagine many Christian families won't bother allowing even their teens to watch this movie, but that might not matter. Even if your kids do not watch the film, these kinds of movies tend to bleed into other areas of pop culture. This one, in particular, also has a soundtrack with singles already charting.

I also imagine that this one will inspire bad-girl wannabes with teens and young women dressing up and trying to act like their "favorite" bird of prey. The same thing happened with a plethora of Harley Quinn costumes following the release of Suicide Squad. The problem is, as colorful and ridiculous as Harley Quinn is as a character, she is not someone to emulate. Allowing your kids to jump on the fandom bandwagon is a bad idea that promotes bad behaviors. 

In case you're curious, here's the trailer.


  • Pop culture wants young girls to believe that a strong woman is one who barely wears any clothes and flaunts her body, defies authority, supports violence, rebellion, and bad behavior. 
  • Even if your kids do not watch the movie, they will come into contact with this somewhere in entertainment. 


  • TRUTH: Women are stronger with Christ. 
  • Have a girls movie night and watch positive films that promote a healthy sense of womanhood.
  • Proactively talk with your daughters about what it means to be a strong woman according to the Bible, because they are jewels in His crown!


  • How will you coach your daughters to share Christ with those who jump on the bad behavior bandwagon?
  • Do they know how to talk about Jesus with their friends and explain why they do not condone the kinds of behaviors portrayed in the movie?


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