WARNING: "Skull Breaker" Challenge on TikTok and Social Media is DANGEROUS

Written on 02/14/2020
CCM Team

There's a DANGEROUS social media challenge instigated by TikTok videos and social media that can result in serious injury!

It's called the Skull Breaker Challenge or the Jump Trip Prank. The prank involves three people standing next to each other. The two people on the outside jump together first, then the middle person jumps. When the middle person jumps, the two outside people sweep the person's feet from under them resulting in the middle person crashing to the floor. This prank has resulted in multiple serious injuries including head injuries, back injuries, and broken bones. 

This news story from WTVY in Alabama explains the challenge and it's serious effects. Not only can this prank result in injury, but there is a possibility for criminal assault charges to be filed against kids and parents if someone gets hurt.

Thank you to a Counter Culture Mom member for alerting us so we can alert you!


  • Social media challenges enourage kids to engage in dangerous, high risk behaviors as a way to show off and gain attention. 
  • Kids who unwittingly participate end up getting seriously hurt. 
  •  Kids who hurt someone else could face criminal assault charges, as could the parents.


  • Warn your kids about the dangers of this social media challenge. No amount of social media attention is worth a potentially life-threatening injury. 
  • Even if your kids do not use TikTok or social media, warn them not to participate in an invitation to do this challenge. Encourage them to refuse to participate. 
  • If your kids see people engaging in this challenge, encourage them to stop the activity if they can do so safely and/or report the activity to an adult. 

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