Call School Administrator Who Harassed a Pro Life Student

Written on 02/18/2020
CCM Team

Created Equal is an organization dedicated to defending the rights of the unborn and educating people about abortion. Last month, while lawfully engaging in campus outreach at Briggs High School in Columbus, Ohio, the Created Equal team was harassed by a school administrator John Kuijper.

Check out what happened...

By the way I just called the school and they cut me off after 10 seconds and gave me another number to call and that woman heard my concern and said someone would call me back.

From Created Equal: 

This intimidation of young activists and thwarting of free speech is wildly inappropriate for an administrator of a public school system. On our blog, we consider how John Kuijper’s actions reveal hypocrisies in abortion supporter’s slogans: "A middle-aged man leering at a teenaged girl while commenting on her appearance and other qualities implies something shameful. This is hypocritical for someone who professes to belong to a ‘women’s rights’ movement." Read more here!


  • Call Principal Dr. Tonya Milligan @ 614-365-5915. Respectfully urge Dr. Milligan to publicly clarify their policies to assure the public these means of intimidation and interference with Freedom of Speech by Briggs High School faculty and staff will not occur again.
  • Join Created Equal in petitioning for a public apology. Click here to take action. 
  • Share this alert, the video, and the petition all over social media and urge others to call in and sign petition! 

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