Liberals Killing Conservatives for Sport in New Movie The Hunt!!!

Written on 03/10/2020
CCM Team


There is a reason this movie was pulled from release back in September.  

The plot of the movie involves rich elitist liberals kidnapping people they believe are "deplorables" and hunting them for sport. While the elitist liberals eventually lose, the themes portrayed in the movie are incredibly disturbing. This movie will release in theaters nationwide on Friday the 13th...very fitting for the plot of this flick!

Billed as a "social thriller" and "tongue-in-cheek" satire, the original release date of September 27, 2019 was cancelled because of criticism that it was too close to the mass shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH. It was deemed inappropriate then, but we haven't had a mass shooting lately, so why not now. This movie should be ILLEGAL to show in theaters or anyway for that matter!

Here is the trailer below.

WARNING! There will be some graphic footage!


  • While you and your family will hopefully not watch this movie, because of the controversy it has stirred up in the media, there will likely be talk about it on social media or at school.
  • Regardless of the intent of the film makers, several themes throughout the film are incredibly disturbing such as caricaturization of people from "red states," the idea of picking targets (people) based on pro-life and conservative views, and that the solution to political differences is to kill the opposition for sport. 
  • Talk about the meaning of satire and how dangerous it can be when people perceive it as "fun and games" and even "reality." 


  • As always, do not support films like these with your time, attention, or money. 
  • Choose positive, uplifting Christian movies and support life-giving messages.
  • Talk with your kids about how to talk to their friends on why this is NOT a wise movie to watch.


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