Written on 03/16/2020
CCM Team

St. Patrick's Day is upon us with much of the population wearing green and drinking green beer. However, the true story of St. Patrick compels us to consider a fundamental question: obey God or obey man?  

CBN Films presents the true story of St. Patrick's life in a docudrama released in theaters on MARCH 17 and 18 ONLY!

However, with theaters closing, CBN Productions just announced that the release of I AM PATRICK is also available on DVD - ORDER ONLINE HERE for ONLY $15.00 - less than going to the movies! 

The film separates fact from fiction, telling the story of Patrick's life as a comfortable teenager from a rich family in Britain, then sold into slavery to Ireland for six years, his escape, and then his return to Ireland at God's command to preach the gospel. 

The Counter Culture Mom Team was able to screen this movie ahead of its release and it is a powerful testimony of how a strong faith foundation allows God to work miracles. We came away from this film with a stronger appreciation for Patrick's ministry, a hope that God can make something beautiful out of tragedy, and confidence in the healing power of the Word.

Just as Ireland needed God in the fifth century, so does our world today, especially during this time of chaos and worry over the Coronavirus. May this film reignite the fire to share Jesus in your heart and may Patrick become a renewed example of what it means to follow God instead of the world. 


  • Order I AM PATRICK on DVD - ONLY $15.00 - less than going to the movies! 
  • Given the social distancing occurring during the coronavirus, make wise decisions about attending the live theater showing. 
  • Support Christian films by buying this movie. Let's show the world the power of Christian entertainment!
  • Host a viewing or buy more copies for your friends. When you buy 6 or more copies, the price goes down to $10.00 per copy!!


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