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Written on 03/20/2020
CCM Team

The kids are at home and families may be stressed, but don't let that interfere with your children's learning. Learning can happen anywhere and homeschooling is easier than ever with today's technology. Most Christian homeschool curriculum sites have programs aligned by grade level that can be accessed online and the how to's are a lot simpiler than you think. 

Christian Homeschool Full Curriculum sites:

Tina has been homeschooling her kids since the beginning. All four kids ages 11, 9, 8, and 6 use the Abeka program and they love it. This year Tina has been doing online schooling for the 3 older kids and face-to-face with her youngest.  Abeka is very easy to understand and gives step-by-step directions on what to teach each child for each curriculum. 

 There are loads of resources  availalbe from many online homeschool platforms such as:

Here are Public Education Resources (screen these resources as they may not all align with Christian values):

Send us your suggestions for educational activities for busy parents with kids at home and we'll share with the CCM community!


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