Baby Grilling in The Sims Video Game Series

Written on 05/28/2020
CCM Team


Although The Sims 4 video game has been out for some time, raunchy content, including a women grilling babies on a barbecue in Sims 2, caused us to alert parents about this game.  

Members of the CCM Team have not played this game. Therefore, this information is gathered from online sources and what parents have sent us. 

The premise of the game is to simulate real life and as one review describes it, is "a virtual dollhouse." It is an open-world type game similar to Fortnite and Minecraft,  but there is some story-related content and leveling involved. By simulating real life, it means characters enter into relationships, engage in sexual activity, build a life together, get jobs, and spend their money how they want to, leaving lots of room for inappropriate activity. 

There are some creative aspects to the game such as building and creating a life for the characters. Some parents who reviewed the game on Common Sense Media say it teaches kids responsibility. 

The Sims 4 is on Xbox, PS4, PC,  and now has a free play version on mobile. There are also multiple versions of the game such as Sky Heroes and Agents.


  • The Sims is a game that promotes immersion, which means players get rewarded for playing a long time, further encouraging extensive game play. Some kids do not do well with immersion, in that they become too focused on a fantasy life over real life. If your child is susceptible to unhealthy immersion, stay away from this game. 
  • The Sims is a semi-open world game where your kids can interact with other players, which means they may not have control over what other players do.  Hence, exposure to the video of women grilling  babies on a BBQ. Furthermore, the culture within these games promotes the outrageous, which may lead kids to do things within the game they would not do in real life.


  • Instead of relying on a video game to teach creativity and life skills, teach your kids these things and expose them to creative endeavors in real life. 
  • Engage your kids in the outdoors with hands-on activities that will provide them with better social skills and improve their cognitive development. 
  • Give your kids opportunities to interact with friends and community in real life so that as parents, you control the content they are exposed to instead of nameless, unknown others exposing them to content in a video game.

As you can see from another image below, the homosexual lifestyle is also promoted on this platform.


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