The Truth About Cosmo Fake News Lies Revealed

Written on 05/29/2020
CCM Team


A recent report by The Daily Signal features Sue Ellen Browder, who wrote for Cosmo for over 20 years, features a video interview where she exposes the lie machine that promotes promiscuity as a sign for independence and feminism. 

Ms. Browder explains how propaganda works by taking a good idea (like equality between men and women) and warping it to promote a set of ideals (such as abortion and promiscuity). 

"Propaganda is very sophisticated,” Browder tells The Daily Signal. “It’s half-truth, selected truth, and truth out of context.”

"When you start betraying the truth it will come back to haunt you. It will get you in the end and that's why even though I knew we were making up all these stories, I still got sucked in..." 

Watch the video below with your daughters: 

“I don’t want to take more credit than I deserve for all this evil, but I think that I—I was certainly part of the evil empire, if you will,” she tells The Daily Signal. “And what I would like … for young women today [is] to tell them the truth so they could see how my generation got it wrong, why we got it wrong, and how they can do better. How, how your generation can do better.”


  • Fashion magazines like Cosmo target insecure young women and "turn them into a commodity" as Ms. Browder says. 
  • Their sole purpose is to make you feel bad about yourself so you buy the things they want you to buy!  
  • The messages in these magazines tell women they are independent and powerful, yet they need to buy the advertized products to make  them beautiful. 
  • Psychology research shows that the more time women spend looking at fashion magazines, the worse they feel about themselves. 


  • Keep fashion magazines out of your daughters' hands! For an uplifting magazine for women, check out Brio instead. 
  • Remind yourself and teach your daughters about the Creator who made them wonderfully and beautifully just as they are.
  • Watch Ms. Browder's interview and explore the truth about the lies promoted in pop culture. 
  • Watch this Dove Evolution video to see how many changes take place during a typical billboard/commercial shoot.
  • Explore how propaganda works and teach your kids how to discern.


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