I Can't Breathe Scary Commercial on Nickelodeon and Apple Terrify Children

Written on 06/02/2020
CCM Team

Nickelodeon and other corporations make declarations in support of an online campaign to promote the Black Lives Matter message.

A tweet today from the mother of an 8-year-old sent chills down my spine as the video shows her child watching Nickelodeon and the screen suddenly turning black. 

As this article quoted the child, 

“It scares me,” says the child as he begins to sob.

The article goes on to explain that this usurpation of the media occurred in multiple locations. 

The stunt is all part of #BlackTuesday, where celebrities and corporations are either posting black squares on social media or virtue signaling some kind of clichéd anti-police, pro-Black Lives Matter message.

The interruptions also took place on Apple iTunes that replaced its browsing feature with an anti-police rap song with vulgar lyrics. 

Tina has warned parents and teens the last two decades while speaking, that violent video games and entertainment will contribute to riots on the street from uncontrollable young adults that don't know how to resolve conflicts besides the use of violence. We now see that to be true.

Check out the following video that aired on sevearl platforms:


  • Amplifying a message, yelling the loudest, using the foulest language, or causing the most destruction does not make the message or the tactics of extremists right. Bandwagons are dangerous, they promote groupthink, and dilute critical thinking, reasoning, and constructive problem-solving. 
  • Usurping and redefining history with the use of #BlackTuesday twists the historical Black Tuesday of October 29, 1929, which marked the last day of the stock market crash that kicked off the Great Depression.


  • Limit your kids' media exposure and do not allow them to watch networks like Nickelodeon. Choose family-friendly networks and streaming services instead.
  • Openly discuss your Christian and family values and how they apply to current events. Dr. Kathryn Knight has some great suggestions for guiding your children in her latest blog post
  • Ask your kids if they have seen any strange commercials. Talk about what they see and how it makes them feel. 
  • Keep an open dialogue about what they are viewing each day and ask what stands out. 
  • Talk with your kids about constructive, God-centered ways to work for social change. Discuss the lives of Christian role models like the ones listed in this blog post, such as Louis Zamperini, Gladys Aylward, Corrie ten Boom, George Washington Carver, Sojourner Truth, and others. Then, talk about how to apply their examples and godly values to current events to inspire positive change. 
  • Voice your concern by contacting Nickelodeon's parent company, Viacom through their website or to act immediately via phone, call 855-833-5027.


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