Netflix Teen Series Blood & Water Full of Sex and Disturbing Content

Written on 06/17/2020
CCM Team

The Netflix series "Blood and Water" is already in Netflix’s Top 10 chart across many countries, including the U.S, the U.K., and France. It earns its MA rating and contains copious amounts of inappropriate content.

This South African series only has six episodes and features issues important to that country, which has garnered the series positive reviews from the mainstream media. This Forbes article explains the storyline. 

However, this new high school drama, which targets a teen audience, deceivingly draws in viewers. Impossibly attractive young adults playing teens (who look absolutely nothing like real-life high schoolers) set in a fancy private school. Drama, mystery, rich kid debauchery, an illicit affair, and teenagers investigating sex-trafficking. We can see why it entices millions of young people to ingest the story line.

All content is glamorized and intended to be highly entertaining. 

Several scandalous moments hold its young viewers in suspense, including:

  • A main teen character in the story has a secret affair with the swim coach.
  • The wife of the swim coach confronts her husband in front of an entire class of students. 
  • The main character is invited by a fellow student and You Tube influencer to a glamorous mansion pool party. Drinking and seductive party scenes included.
  • Several sex scenes throughout the series.
  • The suggestion that a teenager can investigate dangerous sex traffickers on her own.

Here is the Netflix teaser video:


  • This is the kind of content pushed on teens that portrays immoral and promiscuous behavior as normal. It is not!
  • Consequences to the actions portrayed are not STI's, pregnancy, guilt...


  • Encourage your teens to do something else other than watch shows aimed at teens on Netflix, because those shows promote worldly values/actions that will draw your teens away from God. 
  • Engage them in physical activity, sports, adventures, the arts, involvement in youth group, or volunteering in the community, all activities that inspire connection and positive interactions. Not only will your teen bypass pop culture indoctrination but they will feel better about themselves for making the world a little more like God's Kingdom. 


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