Check Your Apps! They May Be Sharing Private Info Without Your Knowledge!

Written on 06/26/2020
CCM Team

Apps and smartphones make our lives easier, but they also make it easier for companies and others to share personal information about you (and your kids!) with the world. Therefore, we must be more diligent in checking privacy settings. 

A recent article in Popular Science  explained several personal things that you may be sharing: 

  • Music playlists
  • YouTube videos
  • Social media posts
  • Shared files and folders (including photos!)
  • Fitness and health data


  • Smartphones update and many of us are too busy to read the fine print that explains what's been changed. 
  • Updates can change your settings, which means if you set your apps to private at one time, they may not be that way any more. 


  • Check the settings on your phone (and your kids' phones) FREQUENTLY.
  • Look over this article in Popular Science for instructions for changing your apps to private. 


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