PROXIMITY - Family Friendly Sci-Fi (Monday Movie Review)

Written on 06/29/2020
Trudi Griffin

Trolling through the sci-fi section on AppleTV yielded a delightful, family-friendly surprise this weekend with the movie PROXIMITY, which has a remarkable revelation towards the end that I cannot divulge in this review.  

PROXIMITY tells the story of Isaac, a young man who works in the jet propulsion laboratory and becomes the guest of aliens. When he makes his experience public, the news and social media outlets discredit him. However, he does not give up his quest to figure out what happened to him. 

On his journey, he meets a young woman who was abducted, a hacker helper in the jungle, a nasty quasi-government organization that wants to know what he knows, and eventually, a man who can communicate with the aliens. Then they meet with the aliens. The aliens explain why they came. THAT must remain a surprise. 

The film does not meet the high sci-fi standards of Star Wars, and some story elements feel borrowed from the classics, but it's fun and clean. The story revolves around science kids in what seems to be the first job out of college thereby highlighting smart people as the main characters. Go science kids! There is also no foul language, no gratuitous sex scenes, or leftist agenda of any kind. There is some violence from the government organization pursuing Isaac and his friends, but it's not over-the-top gross. 

The movie does not have a rating, but on AppleTV it was classified as appropriate for ages 13+ which I would agree with due to the violence and the whole alien abduction thing. 

Check out the trailer below: 


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