New "muppet" movie is full of graphic sex, drugs, and overdoses

Written on 08/15/2018
CCM Team


I'll cut right to the chase. This movie is complete TRASH. For over 10 years no film production company would touch it. I saw the trailer for this movie back in May and was appalled. Millions of viewers saw the trailer on YouTube, which is very inappropriate for anyone to see, let alone kids. Last weekend a teen sent me a warning text saying she just saw another version of the trailer on Snapchat and it was more graphic than the one I saw! And Snapchat is primarily used by young kids/teens!

Graphic sexual scenes abound in this flick. One in particular has a character ejaculating all over his office while having sex with a woman. Her body parts visible through an office door. (Sorry so graphic, but remember kids are being exposed to this daily through their social media apps and YouTube. In addition, Melissa McCarthy is busy encouraing her viewers to swear nonstop, partake in drug overdoses, and well...I'll just let you see for yourself.


View Happytime Murders movie trailer here.

You might ask, why would you want to show me this footage?

 ONE: Knowledge is power. If you see how bad it is, you will make sure your family is not exposed to the content.

TWO: You will want to spread the word to all your friends to steer clear from this flick.

THREE: You will want to contact STX Entertainment (STX Financing, LLC is an American entertainment and media company that creates, produces, distributes, finances and markets film, television and digital media) and let them know they are destroying our country by pumping out this horrific message to adults, teens and children. You can email them here as well. 

WE HAVE THE POWER to make a difference. Don't spport any godless entertainment, talk to your kids about why this movie is not a wise choice if they want to go see it, and check out Christopher Robin instead. What goes into our children's minds, becomes what they belive and who they become.