New internet game - Momo challenge - linked to suicide!

Written on 08/16/2018
CCM Team

As if the Blue Whale Challenge, which took over 130 lives to date, wasn't bad enough for our kids to stumble upon...we now have an even more sinister internet challenge that just surfaced and is gaining major popularity. The Momo challenge includes this freaky looking woman above who sends out text messages and calls her victims mostly through an app called Whatsapp. The "woman" sends out nasty, mean messages to the point where she convinces kids to harm themselves. A 12-year-old girl already took her own life who was in communication with Momo. 

A teenage boy who's tried the Momo challenge had this to say about the dangerous game.“I was met with some very violent images and text messages that I cannot show,” Andrews said. “The messages were scary. They said that they knew personal things about me which they couldn’t possibly know. They want you to do small tasks, like wake up at odd hours, overcome a fear. Then it escalates quickly … [to challenges] like jumping off a house and ending your life. You’re supposed to document these things [on] video." (click here for more info on his experience)

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Due to so many harmful things bombarding our kids today, I would highly recommend IF your kids need a cell phone, to get them a flip phone. That's all they really need to be able to communicate with you. 

If you'd like more info on the Blue Whale Challenge suicide game, you can watch our recent Hollywood Insider episode here, where I talk with a family who lost their son due to the Blue Whale Challenge.