Starter WITCH KITS coming out on Sephora store shelves!

Written on 09/05/2018
CCM Team

Yes people. You've read the title correclty. The popular French-founded chain of personal care and beauty stores called Sephora will start carrying a "starter witch kit" on Oct 9 created by a company called Pinrose! Tarot cards, sage, and a rose quartz crystal will be included in this 9 piece set. 

Because witches, Satanism and the occult are TRENDING right now, which is so alarming, many other stores are jumping on board with pushing the witch theme into mainstream. The Quartzy website states, "Even legacy brands have embraced the trend: in the fashion world, for instance, Dior's summer 2017 line - the "Tarot Collection" was inspired by Motherpeace tarot cards. And Nordstrom collaborated with the wellness crystal company Goldirocks to release a limited edition crystal set."

MOMS! DADS! Satan is trying to push his demonic adgenda into every home in America. His time is short. These demonic messages are no longer just found in TV shows like "Lucifer" but now in major department stores. Talk to your kids and ask them questions about this new witch theme kit. Start with ?s like:

1.    Do you know about this new "starter witch kit" coming out? 

2.    Are any of your friends talking about the occult, Satanism or wicca?

I can guarantee that most of our kids know about these products already, even though the witch kit was JUST annouced 5 days ago. With texting and social media, the new fads spead from coast to coast within minutes. After asking the ?s, find your Bible (hopefully within reach) and go over scripture that talks about witches, demons, and Satan. 

CALL TO ACTION: Voice your concern regarding Pinrose selling their "starter witch kits":

Call: 1-844-239-1339


Call Sephora and tell them to NOT sell the "starter witch kit" on their store shelves! 1-877-737-4672

If our kids know the truth, they will come to YOU FIRST when they see something innapropriate in the media, while shopping with their friends, and yes, even when reading a book at school! Let's have a fun, safe, God-centered fall and steer clear from the trendy witch craze.