Don't waste your $ on Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 11/9 movie!

Written on 09/17/2018
CCM Team

This alert will be a short one. I'm more than frustrated that filmmkers like Michael Moore make a movie like Fahrenheit 11/9 bashing our president and spreading lies and it's publicized all over the place. This movie, if watched by millions, will fuel more anger and hatred towards President Trump, causing more and more voters to believe a lie and not support a man God clearly placed in office. He stands for life, Israel, our American freedoms, and a solid growing economy. There's actually hope our country might survive with having him in office. 

Michael Moore's movie Fahrenheit 11/9 comes out this weekend and I'm praying you spread the message warning others to not support this movie. I can guarantee this movie will be in theaters for weeks leading up to midterm elections. It's one more way to convince the American people that we need Trump out of office.

However, a movie I watched on opening weekend called Death of a Nation is the flick EVERY American needs to see.  It covers how our nation was born, how we got in this mess, how our freedoms are being stripped from under our feet, and what we need to do NOW to literally SAVE OUR NATION.

The dangerous peril of what lies ahead if we don't take action is also exposed. Many young people who saw Death of a Nation were rocked to the core. They were never taught true history in school and were amazed at how many lies were being told by secular media and the common core focused public education system.

Watch Death of a Nation with your teens and tweens this weekend and keep Michael Moore and everyone who's brainwashed by his movies in your prayers. The country voting for President Trump was an eye-opener. Seeing all the states turning to RED during the election was encouraging.

My concern however, was when the map of the U.S. if only voters under 30 were allowed to vote, turned completely BLUE except for a little 5 mile radius in Nebraska. Folks, if our young people are constantly seeing propaganda that is full of lies and hatred, we will never have a chance at reviving our country again.

The United States of America we grew up in as kids will no longer exist for our children or our grandchildren. We must only support anything that would revive our land, bring back our freedoms, and stand for justice for ALL. This movie, Fahrenheit 11/9, is NOT the answer.

To voice your concern directly to Michael Moore, check out his Facebook page and leave a loving, but concerning comment.

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