New Facebook Game Encourages Kids to Masturbate! SICK!

Written on 10/20/2018
CCM Team

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS ALLOWED AND AVAILABLE FOR KIDS! Livid! Big Mouth, one of the most vile animated shows on Netflix (which is viewed by millions of kids/teens) is partnering with Facebook for a brand new game called, Hand Masters: Play with yourself. You think the title is horrific! Wait until you see the demo video here! Kids are encouraged to masturbate and told how to satisfy themselves in detail. They compete with other kids and see how they rank according to how they did at doing the deed. VILE!

Parents Television Council just emailed me information regarding this brand new game. Friend and author Melissa Henson stated, "The Tweet promoting this game uses a series of emojis suggestive of masturbation and includes a video clip of an adolescent boy with his hands down his pants being encouraged to masturbate by a hairy monster." 

I've warned people about this show since it's launch last September about how raunchy this "cartoon" really is. You can read more inforation regarding this series here. Encouraging maturbation, sex, Planned Parenthood, and pedophilia to anyone, let alone children!!!! should result in the producers, writers, and actors landing up in prison. They are majorly breaking laws here. Child endangerment is at an all time high with these recent actions of Netflix and Facebook!


Contact Facebook and Netflix today to let them know you are disgusted by their efforts to sexualize children.

Email Jill Dortheimer at Netflix:

Call Facebook Corporate Headquarters: 650-543-4800

We must be diligent in knowing what our kids are engaging in for entertainment. If they learn these behaviors, mimic what they see, our families are the ones dealing with the consequences as a result. Counseling, STDs, low self esteem, suicide, guilt...NOTHING beneficial happens to our children when they are subjected to this material. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!