Top Teen Show: Riverdale (Season 3) Endorses Baby Sacrifice

Written on 11/01/2018
CCM Team

We went from MacGyver in the 80s when I was a kid, to a top teen drama Riverdale which now in season 3, leads viewers into the dark world of baby sacrifice. Times have changed folks!

VIEW TRAILER HERE. HEADS UP...there will be girl on girl and boy on boy make out scenes along with the concluding shot of two babies being held over a fire at a teen drink fest in this trailer, if you should choose to view it. Remember that this is one of the TOP shows watched by teens in America, either with or without parents' knowledge. Riverdale season 3 launched on October 10 and airs on the CW Television Network.

This whole series kicked off in January 2017 and became a hit fast among the youth. The major problem with this show, is that is promotes homosexuality which many teens tell me when I'm on the road speaking, that they want to experiment with their sexuality and do what's in. No consequences are revealed in pop culture about living and parcitipating in these behaviors and many teens end up depressed and suicidal as a result of engaging in behaviors that they internally know is wrong. Click here to read more about the characters and plot of Riverdale.

The hint of baby sacrifice in this trailer should have never been approved by the network. I don't know if the scene will end with the babies being dropped in the flames or saved, but regardless, it causes millions of impressionable minds to be captivated in this series. This in turn, allows many unGodly messages to enter their minds in each episode. Hook, line, and sinker.


Parents, be diligent in what your kids are watching and check out the many positive enterainment options (that are baby sacrifice free) by texting the word GUIDE to the number 444999. I know it's hard to encourage your kids to steer clear from this content when all their friends are watching, but remind yourself that your kids will have a much better chance at living for God and growing closer to Christ if they refrain from letting Satan and his lies reign in their brain.