Popular TIK TOK App Very Dangerous for Kids

Written on 12/06/2018
CCM Team

The Tik Tok app is currently one of the most downloaded apps out there right now and it's users are primarily kids as young as 3rd grade! Most parents haven't even heard of this app BTW. Many kids are being bombarded by ads on social media and YouTube to downlaod and check out the Tik Tok app.

According to what I've seen, these ads are very freaky. I had a teen send me a warning text regarding this app so I knew I needed to investigate it further. She had several ads pop up on her phone without warning.

Tik Tok allows video sharing between users. Currently over 500 million people are on the platform! It launched here in the USA over the summer and you're able to make 15 second videos having access to many different funky filters.

When kids post their videos, it allows anyone using this app to know they posted something new. Alarmingly, predators have unlimited access to your children's very personal inforamtion included in their profile on Tik Tok. When someone signs up to use the app, they must enter their full name, location, age, messages, etc. It's all required information and anyone has access to it.

The other very concerning factor is that you only have two options for the privacy settings - choosing either PRIVATE or PUBLIC. And of course, anyone using it will want their friends to see their videos and will choose PUBLIC. This of course, allows any of the 500 million users to have access to this personal information.


Make sure your child doens't use Tik Tok. Ask them about it and see if they are current users. Check their phone weekly to see what apps are downloaded and used. Check their phones randomly and unannouced. 

If your child is a teen and very responsible and you believe they will use this app only with friends, tell them to never connect with strangers through this app or join groups with people they don't know. 

Here's a great video with the dangers that have transpired when an adult pedophile was caught posing as another child. Very scary. Show your teens these videos so they remember what to watch out for when/if using this app.