Suicide promoted in YouTube Kids cartoons!

Written on 02/26/2019
CCM Team


I had to do a double take when hearing about this recent alert regarding suicide and cutting videos popping up in the middle of YouTube Kids cartoons. This is not a joke! A mom freaked out when she peered over her son's shoulder to see a man telling kids, "Remember kids, sideways for attention, long ways for results." As he's telling kids how to slit their wrists and arms, he is demonstrating exactly where to slice. Here's the video to see for yourself (it is the top video on this page).

Yes, we now have commercials inserted in YouTube CHILDREN'S cartoons demonstrating how to commit suicide. UNBELIEVEABLE! Click here to read more on the story from CNSnews.

With suicide as the number 2 cause of death among our teens, this issue with the YouTube kids platform is very concerning to me. You also must know, it took YouTube over 8 months to have another suicide commercial removed after the flood of the first complaints were received. This clip was taken down after 2 weeks. Regardless, with 11 million weekly viewers, most of which are young children, can you imagine how many of them saw these suicide messages daily let alone within in a two week period!

YouTube Kids encouraging kids to slit their wrists and demonstration of how to do so, is why we can no longer trust the labeling of entertainment platforms. In YouTube’s case, adding “kids” is an open invitation for explicit content and dangerous endorsements for our children.

If you still want to allow your children to consume content on YouTube and YouTube Kids, the best way to keep them safe, is to create playlists with videos you have already previewed. It is the only way to guarantee that your children will not be exposed to explicit and inappropriate content on YouTube. I have been doing this in our own home for years. I homeschool my four munchkins who are 10, 8, 7 and 5 and created playlists with schooling information from memorizing the state capitals, learning about God’s creation, and the true history of the United States of America. I also check the recently viewed list of videos to make sure my children did not wander out of the playlists I specifically allowed them to scroll and view.

We must counter the current culture. The numerous emails I receive weekly from parents around the nation about their children having nightmares because they stumbled upon these graphic videos on YouTube Kids are proof that there’s a huge need for us to be watchful on what “entertainment” we allow our kids to engage in. I am excited and honored to be on this journey with you. Let's create counter culture warriors in our home together, no matter how chaotic the world gets around us.


If you decide to ditch YouTube kids, there are sevearl safe sources of places to get videos that I highly recommend. 

  • We go to our local library for free DVDs on the true history of the U.S., science related topics, neat travel destinations, etc.
  • We love the resources available from Ken Ham and the Creation Museum. 
  • Many positive entertainment options are given in my FREE parent media guide. Text the word GUIDE to the number 444999.

You can contact YouTube Kids here and voice your concern if you ever seen inappropriate videos. Be very watchful on what your kids are viewing on this platform! Click on the INFORM US section of my app if you see anything disturbing that our team needs to warn parents about! Thank you!