Phenomenal Flick Breakthrough comes to theaters this Wednesday, April 17.

Written on 04/15/2019
CCM Team

I left the private screening of Breakthrough 2 weeks ago with a makeup-stained face and my faith in Christ in shambles. Even though I'm a woman, I hardly cry at the theater. This movie had men and women on a ride of their lives. I was completely wrecked. Do I have faith in God like Joyce Smith has faith in God? 

Click here to get more info on this movie and GO SEE IT WITH YOUR KIDS!

Here's the gist, if you don't know much about this true story. John Smith, then a rambunctious 14-year-old, was on winter break when he and two friends decided to play on a frozen lake near St. Louis, MO. An adult who saw the teens on the ice, warned them to get off. Seconds later, all three boys fell in. John was under the ice-cold water for over 15 minutes and unresponsive when he was recovered.

 After another grueling 45 minutes laying lifeless on a stretcher in a nearby hospital, his mother Joyce busted in his room and prayed a prayer that I will never forget. I will not tell you exactly what happened, but John not just survived but thrived during his recovery. John's story is a complete MIRACLE. Today, John is an active 17-year-old on fire for Christ.

You can see the interview my friend Blu and I did with the miracle man John Smith on my recent Hollywood Insider episode here.

The wild thing is that several scenes in the movie involved boys playing basketball at John's highschool gym. This was the same gym I was just at speaking to the entire student body back in January. I had no idea until the night before the school assembly that John went to Living Word Christian School. I planned on playing the movie trailer as a positive entertainment option for all the students when school staff informed me that the miracle man would be in the audience. What a life-changing day for me.

My entire family is going to see this impactful flick this Friday and we will do a follow up video on what my four children thought of the movie. My kids are 10, 8, 7, and 5 and I want all of them to witness the power of prayer and that God is still performing miracles today.

I was rocked to my core with John's mom continuously unwavering in her faith that God could and would heal her son. I have constantly asked myself if I have the same deep faith in Christ that Joyce displayed. Take your family and your neighbors to the movie which comes out this Wednesday, April 17th.  Afterwards, have a conversation with your kids about how much faith they now have in Christ after watching this phenomenonal story take place.

Pictured below: John Smith and Tina Griffin @ the Living Word Christian School ~ January, 2019.