THE CHOSEN: Binge-worthy show about the life of Jesus

Written on 12/17/2019
CCM Team

Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus coming to earth as the only way for us be to saved! One of the best ways to share in the joy of Jesus and what he has done is to watch "The Chosen" with your family and share it with others. I just went to a life-changing, eye-opening Israel trip this summer and this series does a GREAT JOB at bringing Christ's story to life.

"The Chosen" tells the life of Jesus in vivid, vibrant color, not through the lens of Hollywood, but true to the Bible and the Christian faith. The acting and cinematography are so superb I felt transported to the time when Jesus lived. "The Chosen" tells the stories through the eyes of those He touched, the first testimonies to God's glory.  Many lives are being transformed around the globe as this series has been downloaded and streamed in over 142 countries this far!

"The Chosen" is directed by Dallas Jenkins and distributed through VidAngel, but it is completely crowdfunded. For those unfamiliar with crowdfunding, it means the production is paid for by viewers and contributors, not large media production companies. In fact, 16,000 investors gave a total of 10 million to make this vision a reality! I know Dallas and he is one talented, hard working man.

Thank you to a Facebook friend for suggesting this binge-worthy show! The first 4 episodes are free!

Check out the official trailer here.

Here's info from the Los Angeles press release I just received.

Unprecedented Streaming TV Series about Jesus Debuts Worldwide this Christmas!

VidAngel's "The Chosen" is the first-ever wordwide launch of a streaming TV series via its own app

Downlaoded and streaming in 142 countries

Being translated in 52 languages

#1 Crowdfunded entertainment project in history

First-ever multi-season TV show about Jesus

(Los Angeles, CA - December 2019) VidAngel, the market-leading streaming company making entertainment good for your home - both through its top-rated original content and through its filtering technology empowering families to skip unacceptable scenes and sounds on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Starz, Showtime, and HBO - is annoncing the official release of "The Chosen: Season One." The 8-episode first season tells the stories of characters in the Gospels who encountered Jesus and were changed forever. 



Have a great flick but it included that 2 min. scene you disapprove of? Well now, in a matter of minutes, you can ditch that nasty scene and watch the movie with your munchkins!

I had the opportunity to interview Matthew Faraci from VidAngel for Hollywood Insider (check out our episode below). He gave great tips on how VidAngel works and why every home in America needs this serivce. 

I highly recommend that parents sign up for a free month! It will help you eliminate any violent/rape/sex scenes, foul language etc. from any media you'd like to view.

Enjoy the episode below.

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