Marriage Under Attack Again as Polyamory Celebrated on HGTV

Written on 02/20/2020
CCM team

As if concerns about homosexuality, gender identity, and ungodly relationships were not enough, now polyamory is hitting pop culture. 

A recent episode of "House Hunters" on HGTV featured a three-person "couple" consisting of one man and two women who all live together in a committed relationship.


THEN in the pastor's section of Christianity Today, there's an article about polyamory! Apparently, 70% of nonreligious American ages 24-35 think it's ok and  24% of church-going folks believe that type of relationship is morally ok! It's NOT!


  • Shows like this not only glorify ungodly relationships, but the media surrounding this stuff talks about "celebrating" this lifestyle!
  • Even if you and your kids don't watch this stuff on TV, beware! Just like the other lifestyles promoted by pop culture and the liberal media, this version of deception will soon become more mainstream.


  • Arm your family with TRUTH! An article on further explains why polyamory is NOT Biblical love. 
  • Join the American Family Association's campaign to petition to HGTV President Jane Latman, asking her to stop undermining God’s design for marriage as between one man and one woman. Let her know that moving away from traditional marriage and family values-centered programming will drive viewers like yourself away.
  • Prepare yourself and your family by thinking and praying about how to respond to people who choose this lifestyle. What happens if your child's friend's parents do this? Will you let your child over to their home? What happens if they start talking about this in school?
  • Pray for these people who buy into this deception. 


INFORM US of any positive or negative pop culture that we need to be aware of. We will make sure that all families in our network get the info! If we missed something in this write up, let us know and we will update this review. Thanks!

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