Libraries Launching Lies with Startling Kids Books on Gender

Written on 02/21/2020
CCM team

Public libraries are in on it now too? Warning, gender confusion is being promoted to your kids without warning!

A Counter Culture Mom app user sent us this disturbing alert: 

My daughter stumbled upon this book in the "little kids" section of our library. It's about a boy named Bailey who wants to wear dresses. The book continually refers to Bailey as a girl, but his parents call him a boy. It is highly confusing and agenda driven. All of the LGBT-friendly books in the teen room are marked with a rainbow sticker.

But there is no designation for these books in the kids sections.

Notice the public library bar code at the top of this image! Libraries are supposed to be safe havens for literary exploration, not the conduits for promoting deceptive lifestyles. What is even more disturbing is the differentiation of the signage between the teen section and the kid section.  This mom had NO WARNING that her child was going to come across the "boy in a dress" book. 


  • The LGBT and gender advocates are promoting a lifestyle agenda contrary to God's Word. They are doing it systematically and under the guise of tolerance. For a clearer picture of this agenda, check out this article on Personhood Alliance
  • Libraries are funded by taxpayers, which means they have no business promoting these kinds of lifestyles. 


  • Contact your public library and let them know you do not want your children exposed to sexual perversion, gender confusion, or pornography.  
  • Arm your family with TRUTH! This article on Liberty Counsel talks more about the system-wide agenda to encourage kids to accept gender confusion, drag queens, and homosexuality as normal. 
  • Lifesite News in conjunction with the Personhood Alliance and Representative Ben Baker are working to put the power of library oversight back into the hands of parents. The original petition is here
  • Prepare yourself and your family by thinking and praying about how to respond to people who choose these lifestyles and choose to accept these lifestyles.  How will your children respond with Biblical Truth?
  • Pray for these people who buy into this deception and pray for our communities!

INFORM US of any positive or negative pop culture that we need to be aware of. We will make sure that all families in our network get the info! If we missed something in this write up, let us know and we will update this review. Thanks!

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