Taylor Swift Thinks Becoming "The Man" Will Solve Her Problems?

Written on 03/01/2020
CCM Team


Taylor Swift's latest song, "The Man," is another deceptive promotion of cross dressing and transgenderism. Throughout the music video, Swift cross-dresses as a man, using the costume as a tool to get more attention and to get what she wants. Besides the obvious issues, there are counteles women wearing string bikinis, a subway scene where Taylor pees on a wall, and her staring at a woman's backside, 

An excerpt of her lyrics:

"I'm so sick of running
As fast as I can
Wondering if I'd get there quicker
If I was a man... 

What's it like to brag about raking in dollars
And getting bitches and models?
And it's all good if you're bad
And it's okay if you're mad

If I was out flashin' my dollas
I'd be a bitch, not a baller
They'd paint me out to be bad
So it's okay that I'm mad"

Taylor Swift is an influencer of epic proportions with an audience of over 200 million followers according to MTV News. Additionally, she has an uncanny talent of connecting with her fans in a way that mimics an intimate relationship. And many of those fans have participated in her "evolution" over the past 13 years. 

The danger, especially with celebrities, is that one must exercise caution about what it means to be a Christian expecially when people like Ms. Swift are:

"promoting their own version of Christianity and claiming their left-leaning brand is the real definition of what it means to follow Christ" as noted in a CBN news article

Pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ, pro-trans and whatever lifestyle you want to have is not biblical. 

People with pop culture influence at this level need careful evaluation. They not only promote their various causes, but for the millions of young girls who want to be like her and the millions of young men who want to date her, someone like Taylor Swift has a significant impact on people's points of view. 


  • Celebrities glorify the "look at me" culture and promotes lies and deception. 
  • Becoming someone or something else is not the solution for dealing with challenges.


  • Counter lies with Truth. This article talks about how to respond to some of Taylor Swift's music. 
  • If your kids are Taylor Swift fans, have a frank conversation about her lyrics and the brand of Christianity she is promoting. There are tracks throughout her music that equate sex with religion and other questionable topics, so do the research on what your kids are listening to. 
  • Get into the Bible to soak up Truth for countering pop culture's lies and share the info you gather WITH your kids.
  • Choose positive, uplifting Christian music and support artists who use music to convey Truth. 
  • Talk with your kids about what makes them unique and special. Emphasize that God made them the way they are for a reason, and He has great plans for them. Discuss how to handle challenges in life using their God-given skills and talents. 
  • Have your kids develop the talents they have (music, art, math, etc.) instead of spending countless hours soaking up "entertainment."


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