PBS Kids Not a Trusted Source of Entertainment

Written on 03/01/2020
CCM Team

According to a recent article in One Million Moms, PBS Kids is going further and further with the deliberate promotion of sexual deviance and lifestyle choices that are the opposite of a Christian worldview.

While PBS Kids is not a Christian organization, they are publicly funded. This means your tax dollars are helping indoctrinate children with an unGodly message. They used to be family-friendly without a political agenda. Now, they are using their audience of over 18 million kids as a method of indoctrination of the homosexual lifestyle without warning parents. This is wrong.


  • PBS Kids, a former safe, family-friendly viewing experience, is promoting the LGBTQ agenda in full force. 
  • Animated series Arthur includes a same-sex wedding of two men. 
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog now features a character with two moms. 
  • Sesame Street featured drag queen and dress-wearing actor Billy Porter and promoted it as something exciting. 



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