Corey Feldman: Monday Movie Will Expose Pedophiles in Hollywood

Written on 03/08/2020
CCM Team

I can't stress enough how we ALL must watch Corey Feldman's one night only screening of his movie exposing the main pedophiles in Hollywood.

This live, one-time online streaming event of the movie takes place MARCH 9 at 8pm Pacific. This is the eve of his best friend Corey Haim's suicide exactly 10 years ago on March 10, 2010. Corey couldn't handle living with the abuse he experienced as a childhood actor. Corey Feldman wanted to honor his friend with this documentary as a remembrance of his friend.

Second online streaming event MARCH 10 at 12pm Pacific

Buy Tickets for online access HERE. We at Counter Culture Mom purchased tickets the second they were available. I have been talking about the pedophilia that takes place for YEARS in my live Hollywood Exposed show and now no one will call my bluff or laugh any longer. I'm so PROUD of Corey to take this stand against the evil moguls who think they can get away with this horrific behavior - and harming children none the less.


An excerpt from the official description of the film: 

"After a decade of attempting various ways of getting his TRUTH told, Corey spent the past 3 years using his own money, to finance this timely film of the utmost importance, so that he could finally get his story told the way he intended to tell it. UNcut UNcensored, UNedited, and RAW.

For the very first time Corey is taking the liability himself to do what others before him have attempted, but have somehow always fallen short, as he and his director prepare to fully lift back the velvet curtains of Hollywood and expose another world that the average person cannot begin to imagine. A world filled with grown adults who act like hungry wolves waiting outside the door of their prey. unfortunately their appetite is never filled, and they will never be satisfied. Thousands of innocent lives have been destroyed over the past century as TinselTown became a literal breeding ground for the lecherous desires of the Godless."

View the trailer below.

The enemy hates TRUTH but it is the TRUTH that sets people free.

Corey Feldman has received death threats since he started to talk about what happened to him and Corey Haim that have escalated since making the documentary.


  • Get some people together and watch the documentary film. Get tickets and access HERE.
  • Pray for TRUTH to prevail and for the people in Hollywood to hear the message of salvation through Christ. 


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