UPDATE: I STILL BELIEVE movie available on Demand NOW!

Written on 03/29/2020
CCM Team


CCM team saw this movie at the premiere in Nashville and it's PHENOMENAL! Perfect flick to watch during this fragile state of our culture. Due to the theaters being closed, I STILL BELIEVE is available on multiple on-demand streaming platforms. Although CCM recommends less screen time overall, gather the family around the screen and be inspired by this tale of faith, hope, and love. A demonstration of overcoming fear and hardship, this movie is a must-watch. 

Rent from Christian Cinema.

Buy it HERE on Apple, Google, and Amazon video. 

This weekend the story of Jeremy Camp and his first wife Melissa hits theaters in the movie, "I Still Believe." 

Not only does the film portray supporting, prayer-filled Christian relationships between a young couple and their famileis. But it is a powerful reminder that in the midst of life’s storms, true hope can be found and the message that God never forsakes us. 

Jeremy Camp explains the message of the movie in what it means to him on the Contagious Influencers of America podcast and on WAY Nation.

Check out the trailer: 


  • Get to the theater! If you splurge on a movie theater family excursion only occasionally, make this one your pick!
  • Theatrical financial success means more family friendly, positive message movies can be made. 
  • Bring friends to this movie to show them the power of Jesus. 


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