Animo Cards Game Perfect Fun Gift for Easter

Written on 03/16/2020
CCM Team

Need something to keep your kids occupied for hours yet inspired by the Word? Look no further!

Animo Card game is a Living Deck Bible trading cards game created by Counter Culture Mom with Momentum, Theresa Wegner. 

Animo are fictional creatures that embody specific virtues, disciplines, and in some cases, sins from scripture.  Each card is equipped with a unique character and a specific Bible verse which either reinforces good behavior (the Virtuous) or how to 'defeat' the bad ones (the Sinnies).  They can be collected, traded, shared, studied, and played with.    

Theresa originally created the cards for her kids as a gift, but it's since turned into a bigger adventure with kids inspiring new characters!

Check out Tina's interview with Theresa:

"Living Deck"? 

From the Animo website:  A living deck card game is essentially a game played with interchangeable cards- one that can be played in different ways and with different parts.   Most importantly, we chose the word "Living" because the cards carry wisdom from scripture which is practical for everyday living (and also God's word is said to be "alive and active").  There is no one set specific set of cards that one MUST play with, but rather, each player may use their own deck consisting of cards of their choosing.  The starter deck has a great selection of cards and characters to get you started, but you may expand your card library or experiment by adding or swapping out cards with one of our expansion decks. 



Get your kids this game!

Go to the Animo store and use code CCM15 to apply the exclusive counter Culture Mom 15% discount!

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  • When kids need birthday gifts for friends, choose Animo. 
  • Still need encouragement? Check out this video to hear kids talk about Animo!


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