WARNING: Graphic sex and nudity in High School DXD - Keep teens away!

Written on 04/09/2020
CCM Team


High School Dxd is full of graphic pornography and Satanism. Several concerned parents alerted us to the disgusting content in this animated show, with images that are not appropriate to share on the app. Graphic full frontal nudity, sex acts, masturbation, and lesbian sex are rampant in this adaptation of a comic book/Manga series. 


It is porn perpetrated by high school students! The premise of the story is that a "perverted high school student" gets killed on a first date only to reincarnate as a devil. 

It is not currently on Netflix, it can be found via YouTube and a website called Crunchyroll where kids can watch all the porn-filled anime they want to. 


  • Graphic sex and nudity in cartoons exposes children to the lies that sex before marriage is good and normalizes disgusting sexual behavior. 
  • Pop culture is FULL of sex and nudity portrayed as normal and fully accessible to anyone, even very young kids. 
  • Porn-filled Manga (print books) and Anime (cartoons based on Manga) are everywhere and full of the occult and porn. 
  • Read Abbie Adkerson's blog about the danger of allowing your kids to engage in this culture. 


  • Although this show is not currently available on USA Netflix, there are hacks around it. Netflix does have other anime series, though which also promotes porn. First recommendation is to cancel Netflix. Although they offer parental controls AND expanded them, kids find their way around them. 
  • If you choose to keep Netflix, get diligent with parental controls, which have been updated in the last month. Information on how to do that is HERE
  • Next, ban Anime completely, because of its pervasive pornographic content. It is not art, it is not uplifting. CCM contributer and art teacher Gina McAndrew explains this more in her recent blog
  • Limit screen time, including watching television on their own, and get them doing physical activity, reading, arts and crafts, or helping around the house.
  • Give your kids positive entertainment options via Christ-centered streaming services like Pureflix, Crossflix, and TBN.


INFORM US HERE of any positive or negative pop culture that we need to be aware of. We will make sure that all families in our network get the info! If we missed something in this write up, let us know and we will update this review. Thanks!

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