Disney’s 'DuckTales' Reboot Promotes Homosexuality

Written on 04/22/2020
CCM Team

Thirty years ago, Disney created a new series with a familiar character, Scrooge McDuck, and other adventurous aquatic birds in DuckTales. But a lot has changed since then. The reboot of the show is in its third season, and has made veiled references to homosexuality recently. Disney has made it clear that there are two male ducks who are “married.” They are celebrated as the “coupla misters” who are “dads” of a main character, Violet. They also are wearing T-shirts that say, “I’M WITH DAD” with arrows pointing to the other man. Doug Mainwaring of gives details about the program’s content and quotes the producer’s hopes of adding more homosexual content as the show progresses.


  • Homosexual marriage is shown as the norm in this Disney series as with many other current Disney shows and movies. If children see images of fun-loving cartoon characters embracing homosexual “marriage," they may think it's normal and embrace this lifestyle.
  • Fathers play an important role in children’s lives, but each child has just one dad. Not two as the show presents.
  • Children become desensitized to deviant character roles when they are presented as part of the norm of a cartoon character’s life.
  • Another caution is characters who use witchcraft and sorcery.


  • Do not allow your children to watch this show. It is not an innocent cartoon program about a family of ducks like it was when we were kids.
  • Join One Million Moms in their call for change by e-signing their petition HERE. 
  • Contact Disney ( and tell them that you miss the quality programming they used to provide and that they need to keep out of politicizing children’s shows.
  • Never let children watch TV alone unless you have carefully prescreened the programs. Any shows promoted by Counter Culture Mom in our parent media guide are safe. You can get this guide by clicking here.
  • Look for other programming options from Focus on the Family.

We live in a deviant world; be prepared teach your kids the truth about God’s plan for marriage. Ensure they know that God-ordained, real marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:24; Proverbs 18:22; Hebrews 13:4, etc). Point out false narratives and sneaky presentations of alternative lifestyles when you see them.


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