Pre-Order Animo Cards! Kickstarter campaign is now live!

Written on 04/22/2020
CCM Team

For those of you who have not checked out the Bible-based living card game Animo, it's time. Our March Counter Culture Mom of the month was Theresa Wegner. Her and her family created this amazing, faith-filled game to to inspire Bible learning for kids of all ages. The great thing about a living card game is that you can keep adding to it. 

You can help Animo keep creating this game by supporting the Kickstarter campaign for the CrossTrainers set. 

By pre-ordering through our Kickstarter, you are helping us with the funds we need to manufacture this expansion! As a thank-you, you will not only be the first one to receive these games, but you will get a discount off of the MSRP pricing! No one will be charged unless the campaign successfully reaches our funding goal.

In case you missed the Counter Culture Mom show where Tina interviews Theresa, check it out here: 


Get your kids this game!

Go to the Animo store and use code CCM15 to apply the exclusive Counter Culture Mom 15% discount!

  • Support Christian recreation and leisure activities like Animo games by hosting a game night at your home, school, church, etc. 
  • Subscribe to the Animo mailing list for alerts of new products AND the upcoming kids art contest.
  • When kids need birthday gifts for friends, choose a quality, educational option like Animo. 


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