SuperBook App: Biblical App for Kids, but Entertaining Fun for Adults, too!

Written on 04/23/2020
CCM Team

SuperBook is an app created by CBN to engage kids in the Bible and provide a worthwhile and wholesome game experience.

Gizmo is a robot who helps preteens Chris and Joy learn how to apply the Bible as they time-travel to see what is was like when Jesus walked on the Earth. The accounts follow the Bible accurately. The children in the story see Jesus as He calls His disciples, meets crowds, and ministers to them, and heals the people He encounters.

This app has several layers including games, cartoon shorts, and full episodes of animated Bible accounts. Scripture is used extensively, and kids are challenged to read Bible references as they view the cartoon accounts. Learning truth throughout their experience of using the app.

Something to mention: Time travel is the premise for the kids seeing the accounts in real time. The kids are “transported” by SuperBook which appears in their home out of thin air. Make sure to explain to smaller children that God does not allow us to travel through time and that the app creators were using their imaginations about being able to see Jesus in person and what He looked like.

The app includes:

  • Bible character profiles
  • Daily Bible Quests
  • Games about the Bible
  • Trivia-type questions
  • Full episodes of Biblical accounts
  • Salvation Plan
  • Bible memory games

SuperBook also asks and answers many thought-provoking questions that kids might have (for example: Who is the Holy Spirit? Why does God allow war? Who is Jesus?) These are answered using God's word.

The animation in SuperBook is appealing and the music is family-appropriate. Scripture reading is encouraged throughout the app and the Bible is referenced often, not just as an afterthought. SuperBook is a fun, well-done app that lets kids explore many different accounts from the Bible and play fun and educational games in a safe environment. The time-travelling characters have respect for God and the Bible as they learn about what life was like during Biblical times.

Download the Superbook app by cliicking HERE and choosing your app platform. 


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