Awesome Action Bible Curriculum for the Whole Family to Enjoy!

Written on 05/07/2020
CCM Team

Are you looking for an engaging, exciting picture Bible for your kids? The Action Bible illustrates the stories of the Bible in a captivating artwork style that will draw kids in and make them excited to read their Bible! It is the most complete picture Bible ever, filled with visually appealing images that will help kids to see and understand the stories that they read.

The Action Bible lays out 215 narratives in chronological order, an invaluable tool for children to understand the history of redemption that the Bible tells. It will help them to value the build up to the ending, the most awesome story that they will ever read! The clear writing and dramatic images are compelling for kids and adults alike. The whole family can enjoy reading this Bible together!

Also available is the Action Bible Curriculum, a four-stage lesson path for preteens to dive deeper into God's Word! It inspires teens to live out the lessons that they learn in the Bible. It includes videos and parent resources for parents to get involved. The students are also encouraged to maintain a personal devotional life throughout the week! The curriculum includes leader guides and student books to drive truths home.

This curriculum is:

  •      For preteens ages 9-12
  •      A flexible format for large or small groups
  •      2 Years in Scope (104 lessons)
  •      60-90 minutes per lesson


  • This age is an invaluable time for kids to establish a personal, real devotional life with the Lord! 
  • Lessons that they learn during these years will stay with them for their whole life.
  • Building and dedicating time to a close walk with the Lord is crucial in these world-changing times.
  • And what better time than now, when they are looking for something exciting to do during quarantine?


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