FREE viewing of movie Agenda: Grinding America Down until May 24th! A MUST WATCH!

Written on 05/11/2020
CCM Team

It's not easy going against Goliath, but God calls us to share Truth and fight. This courageous organization is working hard to open people's eyes through film by exposing the systematic and purposeful manipulation that comes from Hollywood, public education, and politics. The communists 45th goal to take over America is planned to happen this year in 2020!

Filmmaker, father of 9, fondue lover, and former Idaho state rep, Curtis Bowers, has been on a mission for the past few decades exposing the New World Order elitists and their agenda for taking over not just America but the globe. In this episode of the Counter Culture Mom Show, he gives you a ton of information that the mainstream media does not want you to know. Curtis also shares what to do to teach your children how to protect America's freedoms.


  • Check out Tina's interview with Curtis Bowers by clicking the video above. 
  • Watch the movie Agenda: Grinding America Down for free until MAY 24
  • Read The Naked Truth: The Naked Communist to know what is happening with the takeover in America.
  • Change your family's media consumption by turning to positive, Christian sources of entertainment. 
  • Pray for our country and find a cause worth fighting for.


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