Wingfeather Saga – Amazing Adventure Series That the Whole Family Will Love!

Written on 05/18/2020
CCM Team

A new link for purchasing the Wingfeather saga:

This amazing book series by acclaimed song-writer and storyteller Andrew Petersen will set your entire family longing for more! The tale of the courageous Wingfeather children of the Glipwood Township, and the dangers they face when they discover they are the lost heirs of the Shining Isle, is worth reading and re-reading.

The books have timeless lessons of truth that the whole family will enjoy. They focus on three siblings who go through difficult times together and learn how to love one another and stick together, no matter what. These books are clean and appropriate, although there are some sections that might be creepy for young children. They show the power that darkness can have over a person, but they brightly contrast it with the power of truth.

There is also a short 15-minute animated film available on Youtube that shows the first part of book one, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. Stories like these are some of the most powerful ways that children can be influenced to understand the power of love and courage, and the joy that is found in doing what is right, no matter how hard it might be! This a much better option than what PBS kids pumps out...


  • Buy the books!  

  • Read the books aloud each day with your kids to enjoy the experience together as a family. Enjoy the shrieks of laughter that are sure to come, and the grins on your children’s faces, especially at the hilarious narrative comments!

  • Have discussions around the dinner table, sharing your favorite parts from the story. Encourage your children to discuss which characters they identify with and why. Discuss what they could do to develop the character traits they admire the most.

  • Talk with them about the power of evil in the story and how courageously we have to struggle against it in our own lives, just as the Wingfeathers did!

  • Bless your kids with these books during this time, keeping them off of screens and getting caught up in a wonderful story instead!  


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