Stop Teen Vogue from Promoting Sexting and Pornography

Written on 05/13/2020
CCM Team

The exploitation and perverse sexual content in magazines aimed at teenage girls continue to promote overt, disgusting sexual behavior as normal. Lend your voice to stop Teen Vogue from encouraging your girls to sext!

A recent email from CitizenGO forwarded to CCM by a concerned parent. 

" has done it. Yes, once again! They are encouraging teenage girls and youth to send “sext” messages and engage in other risky and often illegal sexual activity.

The message (also aimed at children) is shocking! And ironically, Teen Vogue's sexting articles were promoted at the same time the FBI issued a press release warning school closings due to COVID-19 present a potential for increased risk of child exploitation as students are spending more unsupervised time at home on computers."

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  • Sex before marriage is unbiblical and leads to multiple adverse consequences including increased risk of other high-risk behaviors like alcohol and drug use, mental health issues, teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. 
  • Normalizing and promoting sexting and other perverse sexual behaviors is not ok. 


  • Add your name to the electronic petition and invite others you know to do the same.  
  • Talk to your teenage girls about purity and saving sex for marriage. 
  • Provide your teen girls with positive reading material like Brio from Focus on the Family

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