Heather Haupt on 09/21/2018

Knight or Knave? The Challenge to Pursue Honesty

Knight or Knave?Full of integrity or not to be trusted?That is the challenge to issue to your boys that I lay out in Knights in Training and it is what we are going to focus on now. How you conduct yourself forms your identity. What you practice determines how you play.Giving our kids a mental pictu

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 08/07/2018

Helping Boys Learn the Art of Civility and Manners

This post may contain affiliate links.Civility, Manners, and the RESPECT FactorWe live in a day and age where civility appears to be in short supply, manners too for that matter. Both are essential. Everyone wants to be respected. But to garner respect, true respect, we must first learn to extend re

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 07/12/2018

How do we raise boys who respect women?

It is a toxic world out there, full of rampant disrespect and confusion. As a young mom looking at my 3 sons, I knew I wanted to raise my boys to respect and honor the women in their lives. In fact, it was that desire that propelled us into the realm of chivalry and this whole idea of “knight-traini

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 05/07/2018

Challenge Your Boys to Defend & Protect!

Every boy longs to be the hero which is why boys are so drawn to be brave, to crave adventure. They want to rise and save the day. For the Chivalry Challenge this month we have an opportunity to do just that – unleash them to be defenders and protectors of humanity. That starts at home, in our neigh

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 04/24/2018

Books That Inspire Boys to Step Up and BE the Hero

This post may contain affiliate links.Raise Boys Who Read.“Mom, mom! Can you help me learn how to sew?”My son must have noticed my confused look because he quickly explained that he wanted to learn how to sew a cape. But not just any cape. He wanted to make a Dirgen cape from his newest favorite ser

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Ginger Plowman on 04/18/2018

Getting to the Heart of Anger in Children

With a society that puts so much emphasis on the feelings of children, their self-esteem and their freedom to express themselves, it would seem that children would not be so consumed with anger these days. However, we are witnessing more and more children with all sorts of anger-related problems, le

  Ginger Plowman
Heather Haupt on 04/06/2018

Challenge your sons to stand against injustice and evil

Ready for a new monthly challenge? This month we will focus on the third aspect of the historic code of chivalry. This one and the next are the two that our boys are drawn to the most. These are the clear-cut “hero” aspects of the code of chivalry.It’s never to late to jump in! Read more about the 2

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 03/05/2018

Challenge Your Kids to Respect Authority!

This post may contain affiliate links.This is their training phase. It is our job to lead and theirs to follow.”We have an authority crisis in our culture. In a world where profanity and obscenities are increasingly cool, edgy, and authentic, the word OBEY is approached with fear, apprehension, and

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 02/21/2018

Inviting Your Children into an Everyday Faith…

How you live your life matters for so many reasons. Your kids are watching you. They see the real you – flaws and all. I might be able to convince people over the internet or even in real life that I’m a pretty amazing person, but my kids see the real me. They see me when life is going well, but the

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 02/10/2018

Challenge your boys to LOVE God!

Are you ready for the first aspect of the chivalry challenge? This one is foundational for your sons, your daughters, for EVERYONE. For the knight – the defender and protector of humanity – it is critical. The French medieval historian from the 1800’s, Léon Gautier, wrote this on the importance of

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 01/30/2018

A Year Long Chivalry Challenge

One of the grand things about writing a book is hearing the stories from others about how this idea of knight training is helping their sons. I love hearing the stories of boys who are inspired to live with purpose and who, even at young ages, grab a hold of these ideals and strive to be protectors

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 11/30/2017

Everyday Hero Moments – Chivalry Movement Payoff

And there he stood – resolute, but maybe a little sheepish.Our dryer broke a couple of weeks ago which meant we were lugging wet laundry down to the nearest laundromat. My younger two drank in the sight of this new experience.I wasn’t the only newbie to the laundromat. Another woman was there who li

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 09/28/2017

A Web of Lies Game (and how to come clean)

[An excerpt from Knight’s in Training (affiliate link) and an expanded tutorial for this important game. I’m sharing more about helping our kids pursue honesty over at The Character Corner today as well!]Weaving Webs and Forming HabitsOne day as we were shooting hoops, I asked my boys how one can be

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 08/23/2017

Intentional Parenting Means Raising Daniels

What does it look like to raise children who thrive in a toxic culture? How can we be intentional in our parenting? Let’s explore that…The Grand Canyon – beautiful, majestic. It’s one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. A must see if you can, wouldn’t you say? And my kids have never seen it. M

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 06/12/2017

How a Parenting Book Changed My Marriage

This post may contain affiliate links.It didn’t take long into married life for frustration to set in. We loved each other deeply, but I just didn’t get him. Why did he do this? Why didn’t he understand that? If we could just talk things out, I was sure he would come around to my way of thinking. If

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 05/29/2017

Books to Inspire Boys in the Chivalry Challenge!

Knight training begins by captivating the imagination, by drawing our children into the magic and wonder of this bygone medieval era. In the appendix at the back of Knights in Training, I list out my absolute favorite books for this knight training journey.I’m sharing them here to give you a sneak p

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 05/04/2017

Limited Time: BONUS gift for Knights in Training

Are you ready to embark on the challenge? My book releases in a few weeks and lays out the charge to raise knights in training by issuing our boys the chivalry challenge!I’ll never forget the first day I printed off my knight’s code of chivalry and gathered my boys around.“It’s time for Knight-Train

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 04/11/2017

Crafting Play – Cultivating Learning

Drama, drama, drama. Yup, that would aptly describe our crazy home. And I’m not just talking the pull your hair out because life is driving you crazy kind of drama, although we get our fair share of that, too.Over here, we’ve found that drama is a great way to maximize the enjoyment and retention of

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 04/08/2017

What We Are Reading (March/April 2017)

I don’t know about you, but I am always curious to see what people are reading. I know I am not alone because on more than one occasion I’ve had friends or acquaintances over who I find browsing my bookshelves or my book stacks.So I thought, I’d give you all a peek at what our family is reading righ

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 03/28/2017

The thing our kids need most

It was an ordinary morning, breakfast bowls stacked next to the kitchen sink as we traipsed into the front room to gather together before jumping headlong into all the day held for us. Even though our learning takes place {mostly} at home, it’s important for us to have this time to gather together s

  Heather Haupt
Heather Haupt on 02/17/2017

Sneak Peek at the new Chivalry Challenge

Today, I unveil the official knight’s Code of Chivalry that ended up in the book and a free poster download for you as we begin the countdown to the book release at the end of May! Here is my original chivalry challenge post that inspired the book! Today, I want to take you back to the beginning, si

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